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Enjoy each moment while you can because nothing lasts forever.

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Enjoy Life

by genaervin

Enjoy the now. Make each moment count.

It only happens once.

Enjoy the company of your friends.

They may only be with you for a brief moment before they move on to someplace else.

Enjoy your family and all their quirks.

They might not have much time left to be with you.

You may not have that much time left to be with them.

Learn from the things that make you unhappy.

They are lessons for your future.

Learn from things that make you think, from things that make you try your hardest.

Hardships exist to make you strong.

The pressure will turn you into a diamond.

Beautiful, unstoppable, unyielding, Strong

No matter what's going on in your life, nothing lasts forever. Neither the good times nor the bad.

Nothing lasts forever.

So enjoy each moment while you can.

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