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Good or bad, every action a person makes has a consequence.
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by genaervin

All actions have a consequence.

Good or bad, every action a person makes will have a consequence.

But some people don't care.

She wants what she wants when she wants them and doesn't care about things like that.

So it should come as no surprise that she would try to steal his love from another woman.

She didn't love him, far from it, she just loved the game.

What a rush to steal a man from someone else then toss them aside.

The person didn't matter. When she saw someone she found handsome from a seemingly happy couple and the hunt was on.

While his girlfriend left his side, she made her move.

He was attentive at first, looking her in the eyes and smiling.

She even got him to walk outside with her to her car.

It was all too easy.

In the night, under a dim light, she leaned in for a kiss.

To her surprise, it wasn't a kiss he was after.

The man and his girlfriend greatly enjoyed stealing.

What a rush it was to steal things that didn't belong to them.

The girlfriend had met up with them outside and together they took all the woman's things.

It was all too easy.

The couple will get caught someday either by justice or their own greed.

Good or bad, everything has a consequence.

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