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Here's a bit of shameless self-promotion for you.

visit: https://genaervin.weebly....

Coming Soon!

Here's a bit of shameless self-promotion for you.

I've written a book! In a few days, on August 15, my first traditionally published YA fantasy book, "A Warrior's Path: Rise of a Legend" will be available.

A runaway child, his powers running rampant, is looking for a place to belong.

A warrior's fatherly heart, protector of the innocent, raises the child as his own.

All either of them wants is to understand who they are and their place in this world.

A madman, fighting his own inner demons, has the ability to shake the nation to its core.

His brother, who once prided himself on his true devotion, wrestles with his loyalty.

Perhaps some oaths are meant to be broken.

In a world of myths and legend, one where power is sought after and fought for, only the strong can survive.

Pre-order yours today! Thanks for putting up with me. I'm really excited about this. I'll get back to writing and sharing stories now.

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