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Possible trigger warning. To ask for someone's opinion is to open up a can of worms.

Can of Worms

Possible trigger warning. To ask for someone's opinion is to open up a can of worms.

So you want to know my opinions about things.

I assure you I have a few, but the thing about opinions is that everyone has them and they can be so severely wrapped up in them as truth, as fact,

that to even suggest they might be wrong could start a screaming war. Due to the recent events in the news, I'll start with guns and see where my mind flows from there.

My problem with guns is that they're not all treated the same.

Seems that an AR weapon is easier to get than a handgun and if you go to a gun show, the rules of purchase are different from that of a gun shop.

Shouldn't it all be the same? Why is it that when you bring it up and try to close the loopholes, certain people go nuts as if all the guns everywhere are going to be banned?

I don't want to punish all AR weapon holders for the sins of a few. If you know what you're doing, if you know how to use it and keep it locked away from those who don't, keep it.

I just want the same rules to apply. Why is that such a difficult thing?

People love to place blame on everything they hate when someone does something stupid and reckless.

They blame mental illness, violence in games and movies, Republicans, Democrats, parents, social media, anything to shift blame away from the thing they love.

Maybe one singular thing isn't the problem. Maybe it's a bunch of things mixed together.

It takes more than one ingredient to make a cake (if you want to call such tragedy cake) but people are so wrapped up in their own opinions they refuse to see their own hypocrisy.

We all live in our own hypocrisy and are quick to point it out in others while refusing to see it in ourselves. Take abortion for example. Pro-life is more like pro-birth.

They don't want to teach prevention choosing to pretend sex doesn't exist and leaving their children to find other ways to learn about it online.

If a parent isn't there to explain it all, what do you think will happen? They don't want to help low-income women obtain birth control, but men can have their Viagra.

What do you think will happen? They don't want to help low-income families with prenatal care because "they should've known better.

"And they don't want to help low-income families with food to feed the baby she was forced to have. To only care about the birth to me, that's not pro-life, that's just pro-birth.

Pro-choice doesn't make a lot of sense either. Some almost encourage abortions, treat them as a right and not an absolute last resort.

I would think that logically both sides would be all for prevention information and having open and honest discussions with their kids about sex, but such is not the case.

Everyone should be allowed to choose what's right for them in their situations, in their own lives. People should be spiritual if they want but not shove their own spiritual beliefs onto others.

I can connect to my spirituality however I please. There's no right way and the only wrong way is to cause harm to another.

I'm sure I have my own hypocrisies, probably in this very essay, but I'm not tied to them.

Given truthful information and logical statements I could be persuaded otherwise, but some people prefer to argue and call people names to "win" their side, and that's not winning.

I don't believe anyone knows the whole truth. We only know what we were told, taught, or discovered on our own through research, and truthfully, valid was any of that information to begin with?

We must learn to listen not just so we can reply some sort of snide remark, but to actually hear and have a conversation without the name calling.

Just because someone's opinion isn't in line with yours doesn't mean they're "stupid." We must learn to have thoughts of our own.

Just because a good idea comes from a political party opposite your own doesn't automatically make it a bad idea.

If you thought it was a good idea when your side said it, why would it suddenly be a terrible idea if the opposing side is convinced and agrees a few days, months, or even years later?

No new information added, only arguments have traded sides.

I have a lot of opinions, most of us do, but I'm willing to listen and try to understand your side if you bring logic, facts, and a level head. Don't scream at me, I won't hear you.

Others should be willing to do the same if we are ever able to come together and compromise like a civilized society.

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