The Jolly Old King [gvecino]

               The Jolly Old King

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The jolly old king, sees not a thing.

The Jolly Old King [gvecino]

there once was a king of far-far away who would look out his royal chambers and say look at my people, all happy all gay oh what a great ruler am I!

and all the kings horses would give such a clatter and all the king’s men who pass by his chamber would try not to laugh when they hear him murmur for surely it is all a lie

they just dance for the king! while everyone sings! joining the merriment while the night is still young

they dance for the king! in his private wing and drown out their worries with wine

the beggars, they align the village square, the peasants grow weary, no land, no where, the tax causes hunger but the leaders don’t care it gets higher as time passes by

but the jolly old king, he knows not a thing so happy is he in his private wing giving merry gatherings to dance and sing as his people suffer and die

yet they dance for the king! as everyone sings! they join in the merriment with the night still young

they dance for the king! in his private wing and drown their worries with bitter wine

then it came one day as the king gave an order for his people to come to yet another dinner not a single guest came, it was such a wonder, and the king started to wonder why

where are my people? he asked with a frown but his right hand was silent and kept his gaze down till the king left his wing, leaving his crown down from his seat so high

will none dance for the king? none to dance nor sing? even just for the moment, the night be so young no one came for the king in his private wing did they drown in their worries and wine?

slowly he went off his golden throne down his tall tower of polished stone out to the fields he stood all alone and there saw the reason why

where are my fields where golden grain lay? where is the meadow where the animals graze till he saw a mother in the distance haze urging her child not to cry

'look here comes the king, go to him and sing! even after the suffering let your voice sound out high!' 'sing long live the king out of his private wing perhaps now he will listen to us whine.'

and the child, ever so bravely went to the king, high and mighty lift her little head up to meet his royal gaze

and she sang of the sorrow of a bitter tomorrow till the king found tears flowing from his eyes

now the once foolish king in his private wing no longer stay hidden in his chambers all day all hail to the king hear the people as they sing they built the town to what it is today!

so let’s dance with the king! everybody sing! join in the merriment the night is so young

sing long live the king! as his people we sing sing long live the royal line!

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