The Night-time Cowboy
The Night-time Cowboy flash fiction stories

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Art by moi! I had the idea of turning one of my silly little pixel doodles into a mini story. I think I might try doing more like this.

The Night-time Cowboy

The night is cold in this vast expanse of sand. It feels kinda still at first, but when you listen closely, you can hear the subtle sounds o' life.

Beetles, snakes, and few birds overhead that are hopin' I won't make it through till sunrise. I'll have to disappoint them again. This land is my home, likely to harm me as my own ma.

It's the same every night. Just me, my dog, and that big ol' moon. Just the way I like it. Just the way it's always gonna be.

There's a whirring in the distance. Probably one of those rescue copters, looking around and makin' sure nobody's got themselves trapped. I hope it don't bother me. This is the safest place I could be.

That noise is gettin' louder now. I'm thinkin' I might have to hide my fire for a while.


...what in tarnation?

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