The Deep Blue
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What lurks beneath the blue?

The Deep Blue

It lurks silently deep beneath the turbulent sheet of blue.

Moving slowly, breathing rarely. A shadow unseen.

It waits. Silent, patient, wanting...

Above the waves, a small boat rocks to and fro.

It shouldn't be out this far, and the young man inside knows this.

He is nervous, but alert. He knows that if he panics, it will only send him further into peril.

The hushed creature watches the underside of the boat from far below.

It studies the vessel for a short while. After all, the creature has keen eyes.

It knows what it wants.

The boy can feel his boat rocking again, but something tells him that this is more than the natural pull of the waves.

The boat tips harshly to the left and without thinking, the boy dives out to the right.

The boat disappears soundlessly from view.

The creature pulls the little boat towards it and tosses it far into the briny blue.

As the boy bobs helplessly, something grabs tight onto his foot.

He struggles for a while, but the thing holds fast. With no way of preventing the inevitable, he holds his breath and closes his eyes.

As hard as he had tried, he was not prepared for the sudden tug and intense change in the pressure around him

The shock nearly drew the breath out of him, but he tried hard to hold onto his wits.

He opens his eyes, ignoring the saltwater rushing in, and glances down at his ankle, and the thing around it.

An octopus? Or a squid? The only thing he can see is the lone tentacle pulling him down towards darkness. Now, he decides, is the time to panic.

Sooner or later, all must be revealed. His descent is swift, despite his struggles. The creature is clear now.

Too large to be an octopus, but it doesn't look like a squid. The boy does not have the leisure of wondering, now. The strange cephalopod of Lovecraftian proportions is upon him now.

The boy opens his mouth to scream, but fate and the rushing saltwater do not grant him the chance. The last thing he feels is burning lungs

and breaking bones.

The sea is quiet, and the waves are still, but there is always something

lurking in the blue...

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