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There's no shame in turning the mundane into the fantastical. Here's a story about my struggles with being a functioning adult.

Gemma and the Key

Like a flower in a cool spring rain, I stood there in the misty splendour of hot water flowing down upon my face. In the serenity of my mind I was at peace.

Before my eyes danced visions of colour and laughter as I pondered what kind of story I could write that could delight the most innocent minds.

There I was, under the plastic dome which blessed me with the purifying water so that I may cleanse away the previous night. I had no idea that my happiness was to be short lived.

Before I could even indulge myself in the sweet smelling candy floss shower gel I was all of a sudden ripped away from my perfect paradise.

The electricity had been cut! O cruel fate, why must you curse me with a windowless bathroom, and an electric water supply.

As such, I was dragged down into the depths of an icy darkness filled with despair. There was only one thing to do.

I had to make the journey I had dreaded for so long, but there was nothing I could do. It was, after all, my turn to fill up the electricity key.

As I stepped out of the path, guarded by the pin-up sailor girls who I could no longer see, I encountered my first trial.

You see, the only partition between the hallway and the sacred space where my dear friend resided was nothing more than two rows of cardboard boxes.

I had two choices: to either dress myself in the darkness or to humiliate myself by stepping out in my vulnerable nakedness.

My pride made the choice for me and I scrambled around, trying to find the pieces of clothing that were strewn about the floor.

It was a long gruelling task, but I managed to battle my way through it with almost perfect success. I later discovered, to my great shame, that I had put on my underwear inside out.

I informed my friend of what had occurred, and she bravely offered to journey with me to the Perilous Post Office. Before we began our adventure, I quickly changed into a more respectable state.

Though can one really be respectable when one is only half-washed? Together we made our way down the steps and when we reached the bottom, my second trial began.

Just to the right of the front door, against the wall and out of sight, another much smaller door hid away. It was time to fetch the electricity key.

Armed with nothing but my wits and a small torch, I stepped into the cavernous cave which lay behind the wall. The unfamiliarity and size overwhelmed me.

It was much larger than I had previously expected, with my untraveled sensibilities. But there was no time to stand and gaze upon the architecture and I had to act fast.

My eyes fell upon the strange machine sat before me. Before time could pass me by I noticed a little blue piece of plastic which I believed I could remove, if only I could muster the strength.

It yielded to me and I dislodged it in one swift motion, signifying that I, Gemma Unyereno, had been chosen to take the Key to be filled with not-quite everlasting life.

I stepped out if the cave, renewed with the knowledge that my journey was more than an arduous chore, but a quest that must be undertaken.

My companion said nothing, but I could see that she understood.

We crossed the threshold into the brightness of the morning. I do not like to seem self-centered, but I do believe that the sun was shining for me and leading me to my destiny.

We took step after step up the steep street. All around us we saw jaded faces as they walked towards their everyday toil.

A part of me wished I could share my sense of purpose and fulfillment with them, but a stronger and selfish part of me overcame this.

It was to be my journey, and I would allow no-one but my closest companion to accompany me. Yet this feeling of enlightenment would not last forever.

As I stepped into the Perilous Post Office, I realised that my third and most difficult trial was about to begin. The time had come for me to take part in Social Interaction.

I wished then that I had the charm and wit which would make this nothing more than a simple occurrence but alas, I am not gifted with such charisma.

I made my way over to the man behind the glass and awkwardly, the words fell from my mouth like hard stones.

The task was done, and he went away to fill up my Key with the ten pounds I had presented him with, but would my destiny be considered complete since it had lacked any form of grace?

I knew not, but the time to muse over such things was not yet at hand.

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