An Actor's Lament
An Actor's Lament actor stories

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A poem about 'the love that dare not speak its name' Edit: The painting is in reference to the 'Children's Bacchanal', a piece of art by Michelangelo for Tommaso De Cavalieri, who he was in love with, and the green carnations are a reference to the flowers Oscar Wilde had a few of the young men in his plays wear, they were hidden signs of homosexuality.

An Actor's Lament

Must we all be actors? Hiding our true selves, In those shady backstage places?

A little symbol of truth is all that I can give you, love For the lines of this play, Allow me no more

A green carnation, Hidden in the lapel of my jacket, As I kiss the lips of the love interest the writer gave me

A portrait of you, Hidden amongst a painting of young boys, Playfully drinking and pissing in wine, Carefully reaches you under watchful eyes.

A secret code, stitched into the binding, Of this worn out play, Lays me bare, For you

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