Two islands
Two islands stories

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His idea of a romantic trip in a motor boat goes very wrong......

Two islands

by gemma2212

"Hold on!" He shouted over the crashing of the waves. She was holding on, as tight as she could. The small boat struggled to stay afloat against the might of the sea.

"I can see shore!" he screamed. She didn't respond, she was too busy holding on. Deep down she was wondering why she had agreed to this boat trip.

The boat began to win its fight with the angry waves and began to slow its motion. She looked over at him as he held the flimsy steering wheel tightly in his hand.

She began to breath again as the boat suddenly came to an abrupt stop. "We've hit the rocks, we need to get to shore," he said and lurched forward to help her up.

She grabbed his outstretched hand and stared at the water in front of her. "We are in a cove, the waves have died off here, we should be able to walk to shore," he smiled apologetically.

It had been his 'surprise' for her. He promised her he knew what he was doing. He wouldn't take her too far out and he would sail around the beach. Until the sea decided otherwise.

"Where are we?" She said as she stared at the land mass in front of her. "Not sure," he replied and shook his head. "Let's just get off this boat!"

It was deeper than he had thought and they both dragged themselves from the cold water onto the hard gravelly beach and collapsed.

The sun was beginning to set and they both shivered as their wet salty clothes stuck to their rigid bodies. "We need to find someone," he said eventually and got to his feet.

She watched him, if she wasn't so tired and thankful to be alive she would have yelled. Told him this was all his fault. But she was exhausted. Then she heard movement.

"Alright there?" a mans voice shouted. Relief swept over her. "We had an accident on our boat" her husband replied to the man. "Where are we?" She turned to see the man approaching.

He was a fisherman. She pulled herself up as he reached them. "Lucky then eh?" the fisherman said and stared down at her. He had ignored the question.

"There are two islands you could have ended up on from the mainland," he stuck the rod into the floor. "Lucky you landed on this one," he said and laughed.

"Why?" she asked. He stared at her again. "Well one is the island with the open mental institution and the other is Wayfryth," he coughed.

"We were lucky then," she said standing up. "Can you tell us where to go? It's getting dark and we are cold...." she brushed down her wet clothes. "Just follow the path," he replied pointing.

"Thank you," she said and they both headed up the path away from the fisherman. "I am so angry at you!" She spat at him through gritted teeth. "You idiot! We could have been killed!"

The fisherman watched as they headed up the path. "Aye they were lucky. No one in their right mind wants to go to Wayfryth" and he picked up his rod and walked toward the sea.

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