The Troll
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gemma2212 Community member
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Some trolls don't guard bridges......

The Troll

by gemma2212

She sat back and re-read the words on the screen. They were hateful, nasty words and each one sent a shiver down her spine as her eyes digested it.

She knew that it didn't even correspond with the post on the social media page. It was simply a nasty horrible message filled with hate and bile.

The Internet was a fantastic tool. It created connections and provided information but on the negative side it gave nastiness a platform. Like now.

She sighed and leaned forward towards the screen. It was the only source of light in the dark room. She re-read the words again.

Picking up the fried egg sandwich which sat beside the laptop she took a huge bite. The yolk exploded and ran down her chin. She reached forward and pressed the keyboard.

She smiled as the computer made a receptive noise. She wiped the dribble of yolk off her chin and waited.

It would only be a matter of time until she started getting backlash. Backlash that she loved. She thrived on it. It made her stronger and more deterimined. It fed her hatred.

She loved being a troll.

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