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gemma2212 Community member
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A roller coaster ride may not be as it seems.....

The Ride

by gemma2212

She lurched forward. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a huge long track sprawled out in front of her. She held her breath.

She began to move forward. Slow and steady along the straight track.

Suddenly the track began to dip and she found herself flying downwards. She gasped as she fell deeper and deeper. Faster and faster.

Just as she thought she couldn't fall any further the track began to even out again. Her stomach leapt as she continued to speed along the track

The track curved upwards and she found herself climbing a steep hill. Struggling to make it to the top, she slowed down. The climb seemed to go on forever. Then she reached the top and stopped.

She looked down and could see the tracks spirals, leaps, and turns, . It seemed to go on forever. With her heart in her mouth she held on tight, prepared for the ride. She edged forward....

Swooping, whirling, speeding. She felt alive as she allowed the track to take her on its course. Her heart beat fast in her chest and her head swirled. She laughed. She screamed. She cried.

Suddenly without warning the ride stopped.

She didn't want it to end. She wanted to go again. The highs, the lows, the speed, the uphill struggles. She wanted another turn.

Her head throbbed. Her chest felt tight and she struggled to inhale. She blinked open her eyes. She was in her car. She had crashed. She gave out a final gasp. It was then she realised....

She couldn't go on the ride again, as it had been the ride of her life.

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