The princess
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After her father's death her brother becomes king. He is forcing her in an arrange marriage but she wants to be a warrior. She leaves the castle and decides to show the world her secret.

The princess

Chapter 1 I could feel the soft green grass tickling my ankles. The air is warm and comforting. My hair flowing with the direction as the wind as well as my night gown. In the distance I see a man standing there. I go towards him to see his face but the gloomy day turns dark. It won't let me see his face.

I woke up from my dream wondering what that meant. Then I heard a knock at the door. Knock! Knock! "who is it?" I yelled "it's Sam, Princess I've been guarding your room remember?" he asked "oh right" I got up and opened my door to a man with a long bushy beard, wearing a cloth armor that has my family's crescent symbol on it, and he's kinda short. "The king will like to see you my lady" Sam said

The King is my brother. After my father died of posion my brother has been keeping a close eye on me. I followed Sam into the throne room. There's a long blue carpet from the door to the throne and several guards standing on each side of the carpet.

"Morning little sister!" The king said "you called for me my majesty" I replied "I got good news your getting married!" he said in a happy tone My jaw dropped. "No I am not" I said angrily "Why not?" "Cause a princess looks for a Prince to marry and most likely they grew up together" "No problem cause I arranged the marriage for you and Prince Dolton" "Prince Dolton!!!! You know he broke my heart when we we're kids!" "So, you marring him will help our kingdom a lot" "I'm not something you can trade for a business opportunity!"

My face was getting warm by the minute. I can't believe my own brother would trade his little sister. "I know you and him have history together which is why I arranged a dinner" "A dinner?" "yeah just the two of you" "brother, I rather fight till the day I die then lose myself in a heartless marriage" I begged He raised his voice "I'm not hearing anymore complaints you are meeting him for dinner and marrying him that is FINAL!"

I ran back to my room. I cried in my cotton pillow hoping this nightmare would go away but it won't. In fact it just got worse. I had tears in my eyes and didn't notice the dress hanging up in my room. "Sam!" I yelled Sam hurried in almost fumbled over himself. "What is that dress for?" I asked He looked at the dress. "Well Princess it's for your dinner with Prince Dolton" he replied "Thanks"

Sam left the room. I sat on the bed thinking about my father. He was a wonderful ruler. Ever since I was little he would tell me stories of how he was a warrior before he became a king. I ve always wanted to be a warrior but it doesn't matter what I want. Every Royal has an outfit for the time of the day. So I put on my afternoon dress. It's sky blue with puffy shoulders and white laced sleeves. Then I put on my black sandles with a buckle across the middle of my feet. If I leave the castle a higher class guard has to be with me at all times. The higher class wear metal armor with our family crescent symbol.

"Sam!" I yelled "Yes, princess" he replied "I'm leaving the castle" He sighed "its good you decided to leave the castle. I heard you crying in here earlier. You know I hate when your sad. I remember when you were just a little girl and you were playing outside. You climbed a tree and fell. Good thing the tree wasn't tall enough for you to break any bones. I bought you that necklace while you were recovering from it."

I remember that day. I was imagining the tree was a dragon that I needed to slay it. I had an excellent plan to climb on the back of the dragon. And dig my sword into the dragon. But I was using a stick as a sword that was too big for me. I raised up my stick. Then I was on the ground. I cried and cried. I wasn't crying cause I fell. I was crying because I didn't slay the imaginary dragon. The necklace is a yin Yang. It represents that everyone has a weak and strong side. It what makes us balanced.

Sam got a higher class guard for me. An old friend of mine. I said with a big smile "Reno it's been awhile" Reno has gotten stronger over the years. When we were little he was the runt of the other boys. They always called him names and told him he would never be a guard. They would leave him crying. One day when I heard him crying I went over and told him that it's okay to cry but try your best and prove them wrong. I'll be here by your side. Reno waved at me "it has been awhile since when have you been wearing dresses like that" Reno replied "What do you mean?" I asked "when we were little you always wore simple dresses saying that what you wear shouldn't define who you are" "It still doesn't you maybe wearing that metal armor but there's more to you than a tough warrior"

We walked into town catching up on our lives. Reno has a wife and a child on the way. "What about you? I heard you were getting married to prince Dolton" I looked down at the dirt ground. A tear drop rolled down my cheek. "What's wrong?" he asked "I don't want to get married but my brother is forcing me too. I'm thinking about leaving the castle forever" "You can't do that he would send us to look to look for you and he wouldn't stop until you are found" "I would be trapped in a marriage that I didn't ask for I rather be hunted down than spend eternity with someone I don't love"

We stood quiet for a few moments. Reno finally spoke. "I need to get you back to the castle the sun is going down" He walked in front of me still not saying a word. He took me to my room. Then he said "You were there when I needed you the most so I'll be there when you need me" Then closed the door.

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