Powerful colors: chapter 2
Powerful colors: chapter 2  humor stories

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Powerful colors: chapter 2

I was stuck in my unit for a week. Sitting on my bed, staring at a wall and feeling my power slowly building up. The guard is again outside of my unit. I've been in facilities like this since I was born. Experimented on to be a personal weapon. I wasn't the only one who is trapped. There's been others but they all disappeared. I never knew what happened to them.

I can hear the footsteps of Stkogey coming towards the door. The light of the open door beams into the darkness of my unit. Stkogey stands there glaring at me like he's proud of what he's doing to me. "it's time to go to the observatory unit" he said "Why?" I asked "because I want to see what your truly capable of"

I followed him there but their was visitors this time. In the show off part a boy with spiked brown hair, medium build body, a fireproof green uniform just like I'm wearing and dark green eyes. In the speculate side a woman with blonde hair that's up in a bun, wearing a white science coat, brown khakis and boring black shoes.

"What's going on?" I asked The lady looked starstruck when she saw me. "Hi Dawn, nice to finally meet you I'm Andre Young" she said Stkogey stepped into the middle of us. "Andre is experimental scientist, you'll be meeting with her once a week but she wants to see you in action"

Andre chimed in "Ah yes so I brought Tommy Dunmark an experiment I've been working on he has a similar ability as you do" I walked into the show off unit. Tommy went to the opposite side of the unit. He's eyeing me and I'm eyeing him. "let's see how tough you really are" says Tommy I spoke in my high squeaky voice. "oh haven't you heard I'm a real bitch when it comes to playing with fire" The buzzing sound of the intercom interrupted us. "let's get started kids" Stkogey says

Tommy put his hands into a fist then it bursted into green flames. I did the same but with red flames. "ladies first" Tommy said It's better for me to go first anyways. I can see his defense mechanism and I can sense his next moves. I threw a fireball at him. He dodged it. Then he threw and kicked a fireball at me. I dodged it. It's time for me to make things a little harder.

I ran at him stopped midway, stretched my arms in front of me then clapped. That creates a mega fireball a technique I taught myself. Tommy tried to dodge it but got hit in his left shoulder. I can tell by Tommy's face that he's gonna spice it up a bit. He threw a fireball into the air then that one became five. I dodged three but two hit me and I fell on my back.

The intercom buzzed in. "Dawn finish him!" Stkogey ordered I slowly got up contemplating if I should bring out my new weapon. Tommy threw another fireball at me then I fell right back down. They want a show. They got one. I got back up again but this time fiercer. Tommy threw another one but I caught it with my hand instead of throwing it back I absorbed it. "I call upon the red flame of fiery and strength to stand by my right side" I chanted

I opened up my right palm. A beautiful red flame sits in my hand. "I call upon the purple flame of guidance to stand by my left side" I opened my left palm and a vibrant purple flame is dancing in my hand. "I call upon these flames to give me strength and guidance together they burn twice as much" The flames come together to create one flame. I held the flame to drain some of my power into this one shot. I threw it at Tommy and it hit him in the stomach. Let's just say he's no longer able to fight.

Andre come rushing in along with some medical people. Stkogey came in behind her to see the damage I did. "Guards! Take her to the medical unit!" he ordered Then I callapsed again.

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