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Just something

Time's up

I raced through the forest, desperate. I wanted out. I knew it was the wrong choice. I made it anyways. I was at rock bottom. I thought i was going up, but i wasnt. I only went lower.

Now look at me. Running. Running away from something i brought upon myself. Now with a murderer looking for me. Im hiding in a small burrow under a tree.

I try to quiet my heart, as i feel it leap out of my chest. The killer must have heard it. I hear leaves cracking around the tree. I held every muscle in my body as still as humanly possible.

Thats when i saw two bloody shoes come in front of the burrow. I buried my face in my hands, desperate to awake from this nightmare. Then i realized that life was the nightmare, the dream.

But the last thing I saw was the killer's face before i awoke.

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