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Yoongi clasped his hands, the minor but noticeable cuts on his knuckles becoming more visible. He looked up at Namjoon, studying his features a bit more.

He noticed how Namjoon's dimples start to show when he so as for moved his cheeks the tiniest bit, his button nose, and the sharp of a jaw he had when his mouth was tightly clenched.

The tension in the room grew as Yoongi continued to stare with such fascination.

Namjoon didn't seem quite fond of this small advance but neither would you if a man you just met in prison, was eyeing you down like a piece of fresh steak in the market.

A minuscule grunt escaped Yoongi's airway, startling the boy across from him, nearly out of his seat. He could sense that Yoongi smoked a ton.

Black tar most likely building up in his young but decaying lungs. What a shame what places like this do to you.

"So I hear that you delt too? Caught yourself up in one sticky situation. One of the buds that I call says he saw you on Elm Street not too long ago. I can tell you weren't in it for the money".

Namjoon pursed his lips, rocking forward on the slab of metal they called a chair.

"Yeah, I suppose you could say that", he paused and looked around for cameras "They never seemed to catch that though. For now, I'm off the books".

Yoongi smirked, a wad of spit flying out of his mouth, situating itself nicely on the salacious tiling.

"Well lucky you big fella. Only 10 or so years if you go on trial in a couple. Sure outta knock some off if you sweet talk em'.

Whereas I have the free ride of gangbangs and troublesome years ahead".

Namjoon chuckled at his unruly response, small potholes you would call dimples appearing, making his face even softer looking.

"Life? What did you do? if you don't mind me asking". The latter nodded his head, making it seem like Namjoon was ok.

"Oh you know, the usual shit that gets you locked up for a while. Murder, drug trafficking, underground CEO rendezvous if you must. All the illegal shit you can come up with.

Unless your mind wanders off to some bestiality crap. They also managed to tack on some years for 'sexual harassment'. I didn't know fucking someone would get their panties in a twist".

Yoongi sighed, wiping the forming sweat from his forehead. "When you gonna get those cuffs off. The ankle chains too?"

Namjoon just shrugged, honestly not knowing the answer. The deputy nor the chief gave him any little clue. "Not sure, although I hope it's soon.

The metal on my wrists is rubbing my skin away, legit".

"Sorry mate, I'm afraid I can't do anything for right now. The guards confiscated my picks and all the metal I had on me.

Just gonna have to deal with the torture and hope you get them off by tonight. Sleeping in that is gonna hurt like a bitch". Yoongi shed a small look of reassurance his way, raising his eyebrows.

He lifted his arm up close to his face, raising it eye level.

After a couple of long seconds later, having trouble telling the time, he stood up and shook the crinkled pants that hugged his legs.

"Well, it seems that the guards will be down here any second. It's grub time boy. Time to meet the others. You ready?".

Namjoon did the same, standing up and shuffling his way over, the chains slowing his down momentarily. "As ready as I'll ever be"

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