JUNE 29TH | CHAPTERS 10 - 15
JUNE 29TH | CHAPTERS 10 - 15 jikook stories

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❝time passes. it keeps on going forever, like a never-ending theme of doing things over and over. but will life give me enough time to live? ❞ jeonjk + pjimin ©gayjoon 022318

JUNE 29TH | CHAPTERS 10 - 15


Sunday, July 16th, 2017, 7:57 AM

Taehyung has been worrying a lot lately. Jimin hasn't answered his calls or texts and he is not liking it. I even offered to drive him to Jimin's house but he refused. I wonder why....

Anyways, I do hope this Jimin is ok, even though I've only met him once and he was awkward the whole time, I still want to know if he is fine. I saw him in the hospital 2 times already.

I don't know why he is there so frequently. Maybe If I go to his room and visit, he will tell me. That's what I'll do today, visit Jimin.


Friday, July, 21st 2017, 3:47 PM

I haven't been making these in a while. Sorry about that. Jungkook visited me unexpectantly a couple days ago. You should have seen my face when he walked in.

I thought it was Taehyung so I immediately started talking about Jungkook out loud, only to realize that he was IN THE ROOM! Jeez! He probably thinks Im a major creep now.

Anyways, he stayed in the room for a while asking how I was and if I was ok or not. I guess that is sweet. Scratch that. It was adorable!!! Ah, he makes me die inside every time.

I hope that he came because he wanted to see me and Taehyung wasn't the one who asked him to.


Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 4:19 PM

Hobi hyung and I just got finished dancing. Now, Im all sweaty and gross. How do you think Im gonna marry Jungkook like this? Hobi also tripped me like 8 times.

I tried to flip and he flipped...me oFF, just because I was In his way. You know what Hoseok, If you ever read this, shove a cactus in your throat.


Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, 9:56 PM

Ive been weirdly missing Jimin if that makes any sense. When I went to the hospital a couple days ago I think, he was acting too cute. I know I just met him a while ago but, I can't help it.

Ive been ranting on and on to Taehyung and Im pretty sure he is getting sick of it. "Go talk to him you rat!" "Why are you so scared?" "STOP ANNOYING ME GOSH".

Yeah, I think he is pretty annoyed, but I don't want to bother Jimin. What if he think's im annoying too? Im a having a mental cRISIS.


Monday, July 24th, 2017, 7:14 AM

Hello, It is I, Taehyung, at your service!.....All crap aside, im about to explode. You got Jimin freaking out about Jungkook, texting me at 4 am for some unKNOWN REASON.

Then you got the dumbass over here jUNGKOOK, that has no BALLS AND WON'T SPEAK TO JIMIN AGAIN FOR HIS LIFE. The kid has been stuck In his house for days.

I went in there and it was like I was experiencing WW89. He had a pancake stuck to his ceiling, in his bATHROoM. Tell me how you got a pancake in your bathroom on the ceiling of all things.

Jesus. Then, Namjoon broke his leg agaiN trying to get a stuffed animal off a shelf to give to Hoseok. Why does everyone want to come to me to bombard me with things? I AM ONLY 1 MAN, cMON.

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