The Chase - Chapter 8
The Chase - Chapter 8 13 reasons why stories

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Bryce and Clay deal with the text and what to do next.

The Chase - Chapter 8

"What do we do?" Clay starts to panic. "Bryce?" He looks to Bryce, who is starring at the video on repeat. "Bryce!" Bryce doesn't respond or move an inch.

"Shit!" Clay runs out of the shed and runs around before running back in. "No one's out there." He plops down on one of the couches.

Clay sits there, thinking and waiting for Bryce to snap out of it. This goes on for a while.

"We're missing a lot of class. We're going to get detention." Clay says, hoping to snap Bryce out of it.

A couple more minutes pass.

"So..." Clay is now completely calm and ready to go, but Bryce is still frozen.

A couple more minutes pass.

"Shit!" Bryce shouts and drops his phone.

Both of their phones ding. A text message.

UNKNOWN: Send me a pic of u 2 kissing. Or the video goes to the whole school.

"What the fuck?" Bryce shouts.

"This creep is... well, creepy."

"We can't do what this creep wants... right?" Bryce turns to Clay.

"No... we can't."

"Yeah. We're both able to come out and deal with this."

"Yeah. Yeah. We're adults. We're mature."


"Yeah?" Clay smiles and turns to Bryce.

"But maybe we just send that pic. Maybe it buys us a little more time to think this over?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Totally. And what's the harm in a pic of us kissing in the grand scheme of things? He has worse."

"That's true. Very true."

"So, shall we?" Clay opens his camera and they lean in together.

"Tongue or no tongue?" They both laugh.

They lean forward and kiss, Clay taking the picture.

"I'll send it." Clay presses send and Bryce's phone dings.

"Now what? We wait?"

"No. We go back to class. We continue like normal. But we be a bit more discreet. Only behind closed doors. Not at school. Only when we are 100% positive we are alone." Clay begins panting.

"Okay." Bryce puts his hands on Clay's face. "It's going to be okay." He kisses him. "I'll pick you up after school behind the baseball field."

"Sounds amazing." Clay sighs and grabs his backpack. "This is going to be a long day isn't it?"

"Yeah..." Clay leaves the shed.


"Hey," Clay says as he enters Bryce's car in the shaded park area behind the baseball field.

"Hey." They go to kiss each other but then stop. "Oops." They both smile and sit back in their seats.

"Any texts?"


"Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen?"

"Because eventually, it will. Eventually, this person will share that video or we will be forced to come out to everyone."

"Let's go to my place. My parents are both gone for the week on business. We can work on the project there, and be completely alone."

"I don't know if that's the best idea."


"I was thinking today, after everything, that maybe it would be best to stay away from each other a bit. Give each other some time to think about what our next step is."

"But shouldn't we talk about it together. This isn't something I want to do alone."

"But it's something I need to do alone. I need this. And I know it may be hard for you. But please, if you care about me at all... let me leave this car without saying another word.

" Bryce sits there, about to say something, but stops himself. "I'll text you." Clay leaves the car, leaving Bryce silently sitting in his car.

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