The Chase - Chapter 32
The Chase - Chapter 32 13rw stories

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Monty and Bryce go back to school.

The Chase - Chapter 32

"Come in." Monty says after hearing a knock on his door.

"Hey." Bryce walks in. "You ready for today?"

"Not at all." Monty walks into the bathroom.

"Well it's going to be fine. Just push through and remember at the end of the day you've got me, Justin, and Zach here for you." He sits on the bed.

"That does help a lot." He walks back into the room. "Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah. Great."

"Are you maybe trying to sound more positive than you really are?" Monty smiles and sits at the desk across from Bryce.

"Maybe..." They both laugh. "I just don't even know what's going to happen if I see Clay."

"You may not even see him."

"With my luck, I'll have multiple classes with him."

"Don't think that way. Think positive."

"Look at you!" Bryce smiles. "All positive and everything."

"Well, I've been talking to your mom a lot. And I've been reading the books she gave me."

"Lord! You actually read those? I couldn't make it past the first chapter for any of them!" They both laugh."Well, we should really be going."

"Where's your mom. I really want to thank her for buying these clothes and well, everything."

"She was hoping to actually talk to you as well, but she had an early morning meeting. But she says she wants to have dinner with just you tonight to talk."

"Is that alright with you?"

"Oh yeah. Of course. I'm actually going to meet Mrs. Jensen tonight. She called and said she wanted to talk."



They both just start to laugh.

"Lord the world is crazy." Bryce stands up. "Let's get going before we're late."


The first day of school was pretty boring for everyone. Bryce, so far, has no classes with Clay. But he does have at least one friend in each. Monty and Bryce have a couple of classes together.

Bryce didn't see Clay at all. For all he knows, Clay never came to school. Monty did freak out a little when running into some guys from the team, but they were pretty cool with him.

Maybe a little awkward, but nothing bad. Monty and Bryce sat with Justin, Hannah, and Tony at lunch. It all went by pretty smoothly.

After school Bryce and Monty went to the coffeehouse with Zach, Justin, Hannah, and Tony. They hung out and had some actual fun. Well... they were having fun, until...

"Bryce," Hannah whispers into Bryce's here. "Look." She turns Bryce to look at the coffeehouse doors.

"Oh..." Justin also notices as Clay walks in with Dean and Spencer.

Clay looks over for just a second, not a single care in the world, as he walks up and orders his drink. Clay, Dean, and Spencer all walk over to the other side to wait for their drinks.

They just begin talking and laughing. Bryce can't stop himself from starring, and neither can the others. But then they get their coffee. Clay reaches over and kisses Dean on the lips.

Dean puts his hand on the back of Clay's head and holds him there. They open their mouths and can easily be seen shoving their tongues into one another. Then they stop, Dean slaps Clay's ass.

They begin walking out and Clay just smirks at Bryce before leaving.

"Wow." Hannah is the first one to say anything.

"Yeah." Justin says and they all look over to Bryce.

"What the fuck was that?" Bryce says before he begins laughing.

Everyone else begins laughing with him.

"I should really get going you guys." Bryce stands up. "But this was really fun."

"Boo. We were having so much fun." Hannah stands up and hugs him.

"Next time." Bryce hugs everyone else goodbye. "You got a ride?" He asks Monty.

"Yeah. Zach's going to drop me off later."

"Great." Bryce walks out and looks back in through the window, his friends laughing and having fun.

Seeing this truly brings him joy. This time last year he never would've seen himself in this position, this happy. As he turns around he finds himself bumping into someone.

He looks up and looks into the eyes of a very handsome boy with the most beautiful smile.

"Hi." His voice is smooth and makes Bryce smile.


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