The Chase - Chapter 3
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The big party begins and things go differently than expected.

The Chase - Chapter 3


Honestly, he isn't worried. Clay gets dressed for the party as he would for any other, though he's never been to one before. He finds himself spending a lot of time, however, fixing his hair.

He moves his hair left, then right, the spikes it up a little. He looks at himself in the mirror and nearly laughs at himself for how hard he's trying for freakin' Bryce Walker.

"Damn." Clay sighs as he puts his hair back to normal.

Clay goes to his bed and lays down, looking at his phone. He goes onto Instagram and looks at Bryce's profile. He scrolls down looking at Bryce's amazing life.

He watches as Bryce hangs with his group of guy friends that he's been hanging with since birth. He watches Bryce's party over and over.

He looks at the hundreds of likes and comments that tell him how hot and amazing he is. Everything about Bryce's Instagram makes Clay remember why he hates Bryce so much...

but something in him still wants Bryce so badly.

Clay looks down to see his penis is rock solid and his bulge is trying to push through his pants. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes and trying to push the thoughts of Bryce away.

Each time he takes a breath in and tries to forget about Bryce, he just remembers more of him. He remembers the feeling of Bryce's lips on his.

He thinks about his crunchy hair that he only felt for a second but wants to do so much with. He thinks about that rock hard body that he wants to sit on and lick.

"Oh god!" Clay almost shouts when he realizes he has pre-cum seeping through his boxers and pants. "Damn..." Clay gets up to change pants.


His friends came over right after school to prepare for the party. They brought tons of drinks and food. He is letting Monty handle everything while he gets ready.

As he's in the shower he takes very slow and deep breathes, thinking hard about how he wants the night to go. He starts imaging the perfect night. One where Clay comes over.

Where they go up to his room, sit on his bed, and talk. Something about imagining this feels weird to Bryce, but he loves it. He loves the idea of sitting and talking to someone else.

He's never had that before.

He wants to know everything about Clay, everything that he hasn't already found out on social media. He wants to know what he does to go to sleep. He wants to know his favorite shirt.

His favorite food. If he's close to his family. If they go somewhere or stay home for the holidays. He wants to know everything he can possibly know.

"Hey dude! Can I come in?" Bryce hears Monty outside his bathroom door.

"No. In the shower. What do you need?" Bryce turns the shower off.

"You sure?"

"I'm sure. What do you need?" Bryce says again.

"Where's the switch for the pool lights?"

"The wall by the back door."

"Great!" Bryce can hear his bedroom slam shut.

Bryce gets out of the shower, immediately looking at himself in the mirror. Is this me? The real me? Bryce thinks as he dries himself off.

Bryce shrugs it off and puts a smile on his face while he finishes getting ready for the party.


The party has been going hard for about an hour now. Everyone is at the party, or at least anyone worth knowing.

Bryce is many drinks in as he waits for Clay to show up, yet isn't even tipsy yet. He's won two rounds of beer pong, done a funnel, and a keg stand.

As each minute passes Bryce goes another step farther. But it all changes, while he stands by the pool, watching as Clay comes out the back door looking better than ever.

"What's he doing here?" Monty laughs, wrapping an arm around Bryce and taking a chug out of a beer.

"Who?" Bryce tries to move the subject off of Clay.

"That dweeb." Monty basically points to Clay with his beer, Clay noticing.

"I don't know." Bryce drinks his beer. "Nerd probably got lost." Monty laughs, but Bryce doesn't.

"Is that Jensen?" Justin says walking up to Bryce and Monty.

"Is that his name?" Bryce can't stop looking at Clay.

"Yeah. He's in my Civics class." Justin walks away to play beer pong with Zach.

"Should we throw him in the pool?" Monty looks to Bryce, an uncontrollable smile on his face.

"No..." Bryce doesn't know what to say to not sound weird. "I'll handle him." He isn't lying.

Bryce walks away from Monty, who howls into the sky and jumps on Zach's shoulders. Bryce walks up to Clay, who's just standing there without a drink or talking to anyone.

"Hey Jensen." Clay can tell that Bryce sounds different.

"Hey Walker."

"Let's get you a drink." Bryce puts his arm around Clay's shoulder and walks him inside. "Beer? Vodka? Rum?" Bryce and Clay walk into the empty kitchen.

"None of the above."

"Really?" Bryce slides his hand against Clay's leg.

"Really?" Clay steps back. "I think I'm going to leave." Clay begins walking out of the kitchen.

"Wait." Bryce's tone changes, making Clay turn around.

"Yeah?" Clay smirks.

"I just want to... talk..."


"Yeah... just talk."

"Really? Nothing else?" Clay doesn't believe Bryce at all.

"Dude! What's going on?" Just then Monty, Zach, Justin, and Scott all walk into the kitchen shouting.

"Hey Jensen!" Zach shouts as he shakes hands with Clay.

"Hey." Clay quietly says, uncomfortable in all of this.

"What's going on?" Monty playfully says as he wraps his arm around Bryce, putting himself between Bryce and Clay. "You guys making out?" Monty jokes and Bryce's demeanor instantly changes.

"Make out with this nerd? Of course not! I'm not even gay like you Monty!" Bryce shouts before chugging the beer from Monty's hand.

"Oh!!!" The other guys shout while laughing at that.

"I'm no fag!" Monty shouts. "He's the fag!" Monty says while looking at Clay.

Clay says nothing as he turns away and walks out of the kitchen, turning his head to make eye contact with Bryce.

Their eyes connect and though Bryce's eyes look sad, Clay can't accept that behavior. As Clay walks out the front door and down the steps, he hears the front door open.

"Please." Clay turns to see Bryce. "I'm so sorry. Just meet me upstairs. Let me get the guys busy and we can talk up in my room."

"I'm leaving." Clay walks over to his bike.

"Come on. Please. I didn't mean any of that. It's just those guys... they... they expect me to be one way, and they wouldn't accept me if they knew the truth.

" Bryce walks back up the stairs, hoping Clay will follow, but he doesn't. "Please. I'll be up in my room in five minutes. I'm hoping to see you there.

" Bryce walks into the house, leaving Clay standing there thinking.

After Bryce corrals the guys to go into the pool house and play some video games, Bryce walks to his room, hoping to god that Clay is sitting in there.

But when he opens his bedroom door, nothing. Bryce walks to his bed and sits down. He sits there for a minute, his face in his hands.

As Bryce just thinks about how much he just fucked up, his door opens and he whips his head up.

"Hey." Monty walks into Bryce's room.

"Hey." Bryce scoots over so Monty can sit next to him.

"You know... it's been a while since we..." Monty puts his hand on Bryce's leg.

"No. Not again." Bryce moves Monty's hand.

"Come on..." Monty slurs his speech a little while he pulls Bryce's zipper down.

"No..." Bryce doesn't fight back as much once Monty takes his penis out, grabbing it with his hand.

"I know you love the full Monty." Monty moves his head down and takes Bryce's penis into his mouth.

"Oh..." Bryce moans as Monty expertly takes his penis down his throat and begins sucking on his balls.

Bryce looks forward, digging his fingers through Monty's hair. As Bryce looks straight at the door, the door opens and Clay stares Bryce directly in the eyes.

"Oh," Clay says softly enough that Bryce can hear, but Monty doesn't notice at the moment.

Clay begins closing the door to leave.

"No!" Bryce shouts, but Clay closes the door and Monty sits up.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Monty then kisses Bryce's cheek. "I'm so sorry babe."

"Damn." Bryce falls back on the bed while Clay leaves the house and goes home.

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