The Chase - Chapter 16.1
The Chase - Chapter 16.1 13 reasons why stories

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Bryce and Clay go forth with their mission.

The Chase - Chapter 16.1

CLAY: Monty, it's Clay Jensen. If u come 2 the boy's room in the science hall then I'll give u a blowjob.

MONTY: I'll b there in 2 minutes

So Clay waits and makes sure no one enters the bathroom. Monty runs in, locking the door behind him. He immediately drops his pants and boxers, his penis already hard.

He looks at me with the smile of a little kid on Christmas morning.

"So?" Monty looks at Clay. "We don't have all day. The pep rally is in ten."

Clay rolls his eyes, takes a deep breath and goes onto his knees. The funny thing is, Clay always thought what sex with Monty would be like. He thought about it for years.

And then he had it the other day and it was great. But now, doing this in the bathroom with him just feels sad. All Clay can think about in this moment is Bryce.

He just thinks about how much this must be hurting Bryce, even if it was his idea.


"I can't do that, not again. Not after last time."

"Clay..." Bryce hands Clay his shirt. "It's the best possible solution to our predicament. It makes sense. He will easily agree to it."

"Yeah, but I don't want to be with anyone but you."

"I know, and I love hearing you say that, but with Monty at least I will know it is just sex, and nothing more. It never is anything more with him."

"I guess. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."


"Oh yes..." Monty moans as he grabs Clay's hair. "God yeah. You're so good at this. Especially for your first time." Monty starts panting.

Clay just goes through the motions. He does what he would do to a stranger, but not what he would do for Bryce. He just continues, knowing Monty won't last much longer.

He waits until he feels the sudden burst of warm and sweet liquid in his mouth. He swallows it, hating how much he enjoys the taste. He licks it clean and moves back.

"That was fantastic Monty." Clay just wants to run out but knows he has to say enough so that whoever is listening uses it. "You taste amazing."

"Thanks. You're not too bad yourself."

"Was I better than Bryce?"

"Yeah, honestly he was never great at the giving part." Clay hears that and wants to laugh, knowing Bryce gives him everything and it is amazing.

"Great to hear. We should do this again sometime."


"What about after the pep rally?"

"Sure." Monty checks himself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

Clay waits in the bathroom until Bryce walks in. they both put their phone in their backpacks and put their backpacks by the door, walking to the other side of the bathroom before whispering.

"You good?" Clay asks Bryce.

"Yeah. I should be asking you that." They try not to laugh at that.

"You ready for the plan?"

"Yeah. I'll keep an eye out from the floor with the team. You'll do your hacky thing with your phone from the bleachers and keep an eye out from above."

"Yep." He takes a deep breath in.

"You sure you can do this?" Bryce puts his hand on Clay's shoulder.

"Yeah. I've been doing nothing but self-teaching myself how to do this one thing for an entire week. I got it down to five seconds. My phone is all loaded and ready to go."

"Great. Then wait for my signal."

"I always do."

"What does that even mean?" They both laugh before kissing.


When the pep rally started, all the students went onto the bleachers on one side of the gym.

Teachers are sitting in chairs on one the side of the gym while the football players, including Bryce, are sitting in chairs in the middle of the gym.

In front of the football players is Principal Bolan, speaking about "time-honored tradition" and "the sanctity of American football" and "what it means to an American".

He babbles on for a while about how great the school is. About how great the football players are, and how they "represent the best of the student population".

Clay tries hard to not stare at Bryce too much so that no one notices. But then Bryce's phone vibrates and he slides it out of his pocket just enough to see the message.

UNKNOWN: You should c what that "boyfriend" of urs is up to

Bryce looks straight up and finds Clay in the bleachers. He then runs his right hands through his hair. The signal. Clay goes onto his phone and quickly hits a couple of keys to run the program.

It takes a few seconds, but then all the phones of everyone in the gym start to go off. The song Bad Day by Daniel Powter starts to play on every single person's phone.

Everyone starts to look at their phones. Bryce and Clay just look at each other. Quickly they realize everyone is looking at the two of them. They grab their phones and look at them.

UNKNOWN: Nice try. You've FAILED! LINK

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