The Chase - Chapter 1
The Chase - Chapter 1 13 reasons why stories
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gayfic I write because it's fun! All things GAY
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Bryce and Clay are assigned to do a project together and go to Bryce's after school to work on it.

The Chase - Chapter 1

Bryce Walker and Clay Jensen have never once spoken to each other. Clay knows who Bryce is, always admiring his hair, attitude, and extreme wealth.

Bryce, on the other hand, has no idea who Clay is. They have had multiple classes together throughout the years, but Bryce has absolutely no idea who Clay Jensen is. That is until today...

"Bryce and Clay." The teacher finishes listing out the project partners.

Bryce looks around the room for Clay, unable to figure out who he is until Clay looks directly to him from across the room. Clay smiles and Bryce just nods his head to him.

Clay sits for the rest of the class thinking about partnering up with Bryce. He has heard a thousand different things about Bryce, half of them being very bad.

But once class ends, Clay is frozen as Bryce walks up to his desk.

"Hey. Clay, right?" Clay just nods his head. "Okay... well, you free after school?"

"Yeah." Clay manages to speak.

"Great. We'll go to my place and start the project."


"Meet me at the front doors and we'll leave from there." Bryce just walks away, leaving Clay in a frozen state of fear and excitement.


Clay goes straight to the front doors and sits on a bench. He sits there and waits. He waits as he watches hundreds of students talk, jump in cars and buses, and leave.

Almost 30 minutes pass before Bryce walks out.

"Sorry man, the coach needed to talk," Bryce says as he walks by Clay, Clay getting up and quickly following him to his car.

"That's fine." Clay quietly says before hopping into the passenger seat.

The car ride is silent. Bryce puts music on, not very loud though. Clay looks straight forward, trying to think of what to say.

Bryce checks texts on his phone every couple of minutes, chuckling sometimes. When they arrive at Bryce's house, Clay is honestly not surprised by its large size, always imagining it to be big.

"Hey." Clay snaps out of his daze when he hears Bryce from outside the car.

"Oh. Yeah." Clay leaves the car and follows Bryce into the house. "Wow."

"Oh, it's nothing. You should see the ski chalet." Bryce brags. "Soda? Water?"

"No thanks." Clay is getting more nervous as he follows Bryce up the stairs and towards his bedroom.

"So what do you wanna do about this project? Any idea?" Bryce opens the door to let Clay into his enormous bedroom. "You can sit anywhere." Clay sits down on the bed, Bryce sitting next to him.

"Well... I was thinking..." Clay clears his throat. "Maybe something like mapping our genomes and the genomes passed down from our families." Clay takes a deep breath.

"Is that a lot of work?"

"No. Not really." Their eyes meet.

"Good." Bryce moves in out of nowhere and kisses Clay, Clay taking it all in for a second before pushing back and standing up.

"Um..." Clay runs his hands through his hair.

"I saw the way you were looking at me. You want me more than anyone I've ever seen."

"I'm... I'm... I'm not... gay..." Clay starts breathing heavily.

"Neither am I," Bryce smirks as he stands up and places both his hands on Clay's waist. "Just let me handle this." Bryce whips Clay's belt off with one quick and seamless yank.

"Wow." Clay holds himself back from smiling.

"Take it all off," Bryce demands.

"I will if you do." Clay doesn't know what comes over him, but he and Bryce like it.

"One at a time," Bryce says as he whips off his belt.

As Bryce starts taking his shirt off, Clay does the same. They continue down to the pants. Then the boxers. Oh, the boxers.

Once Bryce takes his boxers off Clay finds himself become rock hard and feeling hotter than ever before. Bryce's large and thick penis makes Clay uneasy, unlike anything he's ever felt before.

All Clay wants to do is touch it.

"I'm..." Clay takes a deep breath. "I'm ready." Bryce smiles before stepping up to Clay and pushing him on the bed.

"You sure? It's gonna hurt a lot."

"I've never been so sure." Clay bites his lip.

Bryce climbs on top of Clay and they begin kissing again. Their lips smack with passion, saliva swapping. Bryce's lips are soft, while Clay's are rough.

Clay slides his hand down and grabs hold of Bryce's penis, it feels better than his imagination could ever imagine.

"Ow!" Bryce says as Clay grips his penis just a little too hard.


"It's fine. Just let me take the lead."

"Yeah. Yeah." Clay tries not to laugh at what he just did.

Bryce grabs his penis from Clay's hand and lines it up Clay's hole. He slic\kly slips just the tip in, wiggling it around.

"Ready?" Bryce asks once more and the second he sees Clay nod he shoves his penis in.

"Fuck!" Clay shouts.

"Had to rip the bandage off." Bryce laughs before sliding his penis out and then back in again.

"Oh..." Clay moans from the release of pleasure that begins to fill his body along with the pain.

"Yeah. Yeah." Bryce begins moaning as he goes in and out of Clay quicker and quicker, feeling himself getting closer to the end.

Each thrust makes Clay squint in pain, then sigh in the relief of the pleasure. Each thrust makes Bryce get more energetic. Each thrust makes Bryce closer to the end.

"God yes!" Bryce shouts ten minutes later when he feels himself getting close. "Close!"

"God, you're hot! You're the hottest guy ever! I've thought about this since the fourth grade. Well not this exactly, but kissing, and just touching and stuff. Especially your hair.

I've had many wet dreams that involved me running my hands through your hair!" Clay shouts and rants as the pleasure overcomes his body in a wave of joy.

"Damn!" Bryce shouts as he explodes into Clay's ass.

"Oh..." Clay moans, staring up at Bryce's sweaty body.

"Damn!" Bryce shouts, smiling as he slides his penis out of Clay, running his hands through his sweaty hair. "Damn..." Bryce moans as he falls on the bed next to Clay.

"That was the best thing I've ever experienced." Clay starts laughing.

"It was pretty amazing." Bryce smiles, turning over and looking at Clay laughing. "You're pretty amazing." Bryce doesn't know why he says that, but it just blurts out.

"Really?" Clay stops laughing and turns to face Bryce.

"Yeah..." Bryce just accepts what he said, he meant it.

"You're pretty amazing too." Their eyes just stare into each other. "But I'm sure this was just a one-time thing." Clay sits up, breaking the trance. "You must do this with all your partners.

" Clay laughs, throwing his shirt on.

"Um..." Bryce is speechless.

"I'll go home and start working on the project. You don't need to do anything." Clay pulls his pants up.

"Yeah. Yeah." Bryce snaps out of it and gets out of bed. "I do this all the time." Bryce sounds off, but Clay doesn't notice as he walks out of his room.

"You need a ride?" Bryce says but Clay is already out the door.

Bryce walks over to his window and looks out at Clay walking down the driveway and down the street. He watches him until he can no longer, the smile leaving his face.

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