The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 8
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 8 angus macgyver stories

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Harry feels bad about what happened and tries something to fix it.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 8


Mac has been home all week. He and Harry have been with each other every day after Mac gets off work until he has to leave for work. But ever since that night, everything has felt slightly off.

Harry has noticed a change in Mac, like he's pulling away. He doesn't want to talk as much, doesn't want to go out ever. And Harry knows it's his fault.

He made him worry, stupidly, and now he feels like he doesn't care.

So Harry waited until Friday when Mac was at work to start his plan. He spent all the getting the items he needed for the perfect evening.

When it came to the time, he waited and waited for Mac to get to his place. When the knock does come, Harry jumps up and runs to the door.

He opens it to see Mac with a small cut on his nose and a bruise on his left eye.

"Mac!" Harry freaks and pulls Mac in, placing him on the couch. "What happened?"

"I got mugged." Harry grabs the first aid kit from the closet.

"Oh sweetie!" He starts swabbing the blood on his nose.

"It's fine..." Mac looks around the room. "Are those candles... and is that sushi?"

"Oh... yeah... I thought you deserved a special evening. I know sushi is your favorite, so I learned how to make it. There's also an apple pie in the oven." Harry is watching Mac's face.

"I love you." Mac moves Harry's hand to the side and kisses him. "You are the best." He slides his hands in Harry's hair, a finger sliding across Harry's scar.

"Thanks, but you really are the best. I'm so sorry about that night last week, I should've answered your texts." Harry places his hands on Mac's lap, looking at him straight in the eyes.

"I was confused and the club was so loud."

"No. Don't apologize. You made a friend and went out to have fun. You didn't know I was going to be coming over. You thought I was out of town. I'm happy for you. You should be making friends."

"You are the best boyfriend ever..." Harry begins kissing Mac, pushing his back onto the couch.

Harry pulls Mac's pants down, Mac's penis hard and jumping out at Harry's face. Harry just smiles as he stands up and takes his clothes off. Mac just sits there and watches Harry undress.

He watches every inch of his body like it's the first time he's ever seen it.

"You think you're feeling well enough for this?" Harry is holding his shirt. "If not, I can always...

" Harry starts putting his shirt back on, but Mac grabs him and brings him down to the couch, kissing him.

"I'm better than well." Mac flips Harry over and gets on top of him.

"Oh..." Harry smiles as Mac lifts him up off the couch, standing up and caring for him.

Mac shoves his penis into Harry and begins pushing Harry up and down. He moves towards the wall and slams Harry's back against it.

He starts pushing himself in and out of Harry, letting gravity push Harry's ass down and his penis deep in, slamming against the back.

"Fuck!" Harry is in love with this and can't stop smiling and staring at Mac, who's looking up into the sky and biting his lip.

"Fuck yes!" Mac begins going faster.

As this continues, Mac begins getting sweaty. His hair gets wet and starts falling over his eyes. Harry runs his hands through Mac's hair so he can see his beautiful eyes.

Harry's hair keeps flying up and down, his body feeling like he's on a constant rollercoaster.

He feels bad that Mac is taking all this on his own and he's just sitting there, but the smile on Mac's face makes him happier than anything else.

"Oh..." Mac moans as he explodes into Harry's ass.

Mac slows Harry down as he finishes in him, He waits a minute, the two of them just breathing and looking into each other's eyes.

They kiss for a minute, letting their lips talk to each other before Mac pulls Harry off him. Mac immediately moves to the couch and plops down on it, taking a deep sigh of relief.

"Damn!" Mac runs his hands through his wet hair.

"My sentiments exactly..." The smell of smoke fills the room and Harry instantly freaks and runs into the kitchen. "Shit! The pie!" He flings open the oven, smoke filling the room.

Mac goes to open the windows while Harry takes the burnt pie out. Mac just begins laughing. He can't help himself or stop it as he continues laughing hysterically.

He walks into the kitchen and looks at the sushi on the counter, it looks very similar to kindergarten play-doh.

"How 'bout we go out and eat?" Mac laughs while he puts his arm around Harry.

"Sounds like a plan." Harry laughs before walking towards the bedroom. "Let me get changed."

"Great. I'll pull the car around." they kiss and Mac turns to the mirror on the wall to fix his hair.

Mac puts his clothes and walks to the door.

"I'll be outside waiting."

"Okay. I'll be just a minute."

Mac opens the door and walks out of the apartment. Just as he turns around from closing the door he sees a young guy walking up to the door.

"Hey! You must be the boyfriend!" The guy is handsome and wearing a nice suit.

"And you must be the neighbor." Mac is studying everything about this guy.



"Interesting name." Mac doesn't know whether he is being sarcastic or making a joke or being honest, his smile is confusing him. "Is Harry home?"

"Um..." For a few seconds, Mac thinks about what to say and though everything in him is telling him to say one thing, he says the opposite. "No. He's out 'til later."

"Oh okay. I was just stopping by to say hi." Collin checks his watch. "I guess I'll come back later and try again."

"I guess so..." The awkward feeling thickens.

"Nice to meet you," Collin says, putting his hand out to shake.

"Nice to meet you too." They shake hands and Collin turns around and leaves.

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