The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 5
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 5 harry potter stories

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Harry makes a tough decision. The two make a decision regarding their relationship.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 5

"Mac?" Harry yawns as he slowly begins opening his eyes to the bright light coming through the blinds.

He sits up in the bed, pulling the sheets up and over his chest, feeling slightly chilly. He looks around the room, no one is there but it seems to have been cleaned up a little.

He notices his suitcase is missing and gets out of bed. On the dresser by the bed, he sees his clothes folded on top with a piece of paper sitting on them.

"I'm so sorry, had to go into work. I've got a surprise when I get home though. Cleaned your clothes for you. Also cleared the top drawers for you to put your clothes away.

Btw, remind me to ask you about the stick you brought with you."

His first thought is not about his wand, but about the drawer. At first, it feels romantic, but then it starts to stress him out.

The idea of moving in or even temporarily staying with Mac both scares him and makes him want to jump up and down like a gitty schoolboy. He gets dressed and walks out of the room.

He walks over to the kitchen and opens the fridge to find a plate with an omelet and fruit with a note with his name on it. He sits down, eats his food, and thinks.

8 Hours Later...

Mac arrives back home with Bozer and he heads straight to his room. Mac goes in, ready to have some fun and just wants to cuddle with Harry. But Mac instantly notices something is off.

First off, Harry isn't there. Second, his suitcase is gone. And third, the note on the bed. Mac opens it to the address on a building about a mile away.

Mac nearly runs out of the house, Bozer worried as Mac doesn't respond to him. He nearly gets in a car accident as he drives to the address.

He walks into the front of the building, pushing past some people, and into the stairwell. He goes up to the third floor and starts looking for room 3012.

He finds it and begins knocking frantically.

"Hey," Harry says as he opens the door. "Why are you so sweaty and out of breath?"

"I...I... I thought you... what are you doing here?" Mac changes the subject.

"I woke up to a realization." Harry lets Mac into his very dark and gross room. "I realized that, while I do love you... I can't let my life revolve around just you."

"Oh... yeah, of course." Mac takes a seat on the small couch, the immediately stands up after feeling how crunchy it is.

"I truly do love you. I never want you to forget that. But I need to have my own place." Harry grabs Mac face and brings it close to his.

"This is all I can afford right now, but I'm going to get a job." Harry kisses Mac.

"I understand." Mac runs one hand through the side of Harry's hair. "But I can't let you live here."


"No." Mac interrupts Harry. "Let me at least get you into someplace a little nicer. I can pay for the first couple of months until you get a job and save up some money."

"Fine... but at least let me give you something else in return." Harry begins unzipping Mac pants.

"No. You helped last night. It's my turn." Mac moves down to his knees and pulls Harry's pants and underwear down.

"Wait. Let's try something different." Harry pulls Mac back up.

"Like what?" Harry moves forward and whispers into Mac's ear. "Wow... sure!"

Mac takes rest of his clothes off and jumps onto the bed, a bit of dust flying into the air. Harry runs into the bathroom then back out with a couple of towels.

"You sure about this?" Harry asks once more while he walks to the side of the bed.

"Oh yeah." Mac runs his hands through his hair before giving one hand to Harry.

Harry grabs one towel and ties Mac's wrist to one of the bedposts. He goes around the bed, tying the rest of Mac's arms and legs to the bed.

Harry can't stop smiling as he throws the rest of his clothes off and jumps on top of Mac.

"You are the most handsome man I've ever known!" Harry says before moving down and beginning to kiss him. "And your lips. God your lips! They're so soft and plump...

and god!" Harry sits on Mac's chest, sliding his fingers into Mac's soft hair. "And your hair... just wow... it's absolutely magical."

"Rea..." Before Mac can finish responding, Harry shoves a towel into his mouth.

"No speaking." Harry moves down and places his hands on both of Mac's thighs, pushing them open and immediately shoving his penis into Mac's tight ass. "Fuck!" Harry is thrilled with this.

He grabs an extra towel he grabbed and whips Mac in the chest with it. He begins thrusting himself in and out of Mac. As minutes pass Harry is getting sweaty.

His hair is getting wet and sweat is flopping around the room each time his hair flies up and down.

Mac is starring up at Harry in complete aww. Though he's always felt older than Harry and more mature, he's seeing Harry in a new light.

Something about watching Harry grow into his own really makes him proud and more in love than before.

Seeing Harry take charge of the moment really turns him on and he can't stop imaging the things he wants to do.

"YESSS!" Harry shouts five minutes later as he explodes into Mac's ass.

Harry slows down before sliding out of Mac. Mac is so ready to be untied and to attack Harry like never before, but Harry has different plans.

Harry Moves up and on top of Mac, looking straight down at his face. Harry reaches over to the nightstand and grabs the candle lit.

He slides down Mac's body and starts tilting the candle, wax slipping off and down onto Mac's chest.

Mac begins to groan loudly as the wax slide onto his skin and begins slipping down his body. Harry watches Mac's face as he drops more hot wax onto his abs, slowly moving it down.

He moves down even more and lets the little bit of wax left drop onto the shaft of Mac's penis. Mac screams through the towel in his mouth.

He screams louder and louder until suddenly he likes it and begins moaning.

"Good boy." Harry puts the candle back on the table and pulls the towel out of his mouth.

"Oh wow." Mac groans as he takes deep breathes.

"You like it?" Harry unties one of Mac's wrists.

"Of course!" Mac unties his other wrist while Harry gets the ankles.

"Next time we'll have to do something you've always wanted to do." Mac just smiles.

"Definitely... but only once you've moved into someplace new that doesn't make me feel like I just got a couple of bacterial diseases up my ass."

"Definitely." They kiss as Mac is untied.

"How 'bout we start looking at some apartments back at my place?"

"That sounds like a good plan. Especially since I think I just saw something move in the bathroom.

" The two laugh as they quickly get out of bed and get dressed, grabbing Harry's bag and running out of the room.

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