The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 21
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 21 macgyver stories

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The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 21

"You're him! You're Mac!" Brianna answers Harry's door. "And damn you're hotter in person."

"Umm... thanks. Where's Harry?"

"I haven't seen him."

"Ok. Thanks." Mac turns to leave.

"Why'd you come here?" Mac turns back.

"I broke up with Charlie. I wanted to let him know I love him."

"Oh my god!" Brianna holds back from jumping up and down. "Try the coffee shop on 15th, he goes there a lot."

"Thanks." Mac turns and leaves as quickly as he came.

He drives down to the coffee shop and runs in, but Harry's not there. He then decides to head back to the park they were at earlier, but still no Harry.

He stands there, thinking where Harry would go. He even calls Hermione and Ron, but neither has heard from Harry.

After searching each and every spot Mac can think of, the sun begins to go down and he decides to head home. He walks into the house, ready to go to bed.

"You're home!" Bozer shouts.

"I'm going to bed." He doesn't even look up as he walks towards his room.

"Buddy." Mac just continues. "Hey, Mac!" He stops walking. "We have a guest..." Mac looks up to see Harry sitting in the kitchen with Bozer. "I tried calling you."

"My phone died." Mac is staring at Harry.

"I should go. I don't even know why I'm here." Harry stands up and grabs his phone off the counter.

"No. Stay." Mac runs his hands through his hair.

"He was dropping a box of your stuff off that he found. I invited him in for a drink." Bozer pops in between the silence.

"Yeah..." Mac and Harry stare into each other's eyes from far away. "I broke up with Charlie."

"About time!" Bozer shouts. "Sorry..." He whispers when Mac gives him a look.

"I never actually loved him. I think I wanted to love someone. I wanted to replace you. To feel like I was moved on." Mac steps closer. "I could never move on from you." He steps closer.

"I..." Harry is stunned, emotions running wild. "I... I honestly have no idea what to say."

"Then don't say anything." Mac steps closer and grabs Harry's head, leaning it up towards his face. "Let this say everything."

Mac moves forward and they begin kissing. It is like everything freezes. Harry feels the world stop in its track. His heart slows so much that he can't feel it.

All he can feel is electricity racing through his and Mac's bodies. For the first time in a long time, Mac feels complete. This moment gives him that happiness he never thought he'd have again.

He can feel Harry's soul connect with him like the last piece of the puzzle being put in.

"I'm gonna go..." Bozer whispers as he begins to slip out of the room.

"No. You should stay." Harry says, ending the kiss and taking a step back.

"What's wrong?" Mac can now feel his heart racing.

"Nothing." He takes a deep breath. "That was the most absolute perfect moment in the world."

"Then... what? I can tell something wrong."

"It's not that anything is wrong. It just feels quick." Harry is having trouble saying this. "I love you. And that will never change. But this is very complicated." He begins to breathe heavily.

"I want this to work, which means we need to start over. Start as friends. If we can manage to be friends, live our lives, and still want this to continue to the next level after... six months."

"Okay. I can do that."

"And only friends. Nothing more."


"Okay. Good." Harry takes one last deep breath. "I should get going. We should hangout though. Soon. With others."

"We can have a game night!" Bozer shouts.

"Yeah. That sounds perfect." They all laugh. "And bring Brianna, she seems nice."

"Sounds like a plan." Harry walks to the door.

"Harry." He turns back to look at Mac.

Their eyes meet. They stare. They smile. They nod. Harry walks out and leaves.


"That's bullshit!" Bozer shouts and throws the remote to the ground.

"That's how the show ends." Mac stands up and walks to the kitchen.

"No! I refuse to believe that!"

"Well, it does Bozo." Brianna chimes in, taking a handful of popcorn.

"But they're FRIENDS!! They can't just move apart! They're supposed to stay friends and live next to each other forever!" Bozer is breathing a lot.

"It's okay." Harry puts his hand on Bozer's back, relaxing him. "Maybe they'll do a reboot or reunion?"

"Reboot? How could they change something so wonderful!" Bozer is back to panicking and Brianna moves over to try and calm him down.

"Good luck." Harry laughs and stands up, walking over to the kitchen. "We're gonna need to find a new show quickly. Bozer's gonna snap.

" Harry puts his drink on the counter and Mac begins to refill it.

"I was thinking Lost would be next."

"Oh god no! Imagine Bozer after that finale!" They both begin to laugh.

"You know what today is?" Mac takes a sip of his drink.

"Of course."

"Then would you like to talk outside?"

"Sure." Mac opens the backdoor for Harry.

They walk back to the edge of the deck, leaning against it and looking out into the night sky. Mac looks over to Harry. He watches his eyes go from star to star. He watches the smile on his face.

"I was wondering..." That gets Harry's attention and he looks over. "It's been six months. We hang out almost every day. We've hung out in groups. We've hung out solo.

We've gone to concerts, museums, and many bars. We've stayed friends and friends alone. We've learned a lot about each other. I, personally, have never felt closer to someone before.

You're my best friend."

"Don't let Bozer hear that." They both laugh.

"I'm serious though. And for a minute I even thought that we should remain friends. It's working out so well that why should I mess with that. But then I realized something.

If it is this amazing to be friends with you... I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be... to go to the next level." Mac's eyes are watering up.

"I could never live with myself if I never at least tried. And that is why I would like to know if you'd like to go on a date with me?" The air is still as the words leave his mouth.

"I don't know... it could be very complicated..." Mac is about to burst into tears. "I"m kidding! Of course!" Harry moves forward, hugging Mac.

"YESSSS!!!" Mac and Harry turn to the window to see Bozer and Brianna screaming and jumping up and down.

"Losers," Mac says, tears going down his face.

"Yeah. Losers." They both begin to laugh.


Harry and Mac decided they would go camping one weekend. A fun and romantic camping trip in the woods. Just the two of them and nature.

On their second night there, while lying under the stars, cuddled up together, Harry took a ring out of his pocket and proposed to Mac. Mac said "Yes". They both cried. They kissed.

Then they had very steamy and romantic sex under the stars.


Mac had left Harry at dinner for work the night before. When he came back home the next day Harry was very mad. They fought for hours.

Harry was upset at Mac for always leaving at random and not appearing sometimes for days. Mac was upset at Harry for not understanding how important his job is.

Then Mac called off the engagement.


Bozer, Brianna, Hermione, and Ron tricked Mac and Harry into a room together. At first, they were angry. But after a few hours of talking, they hugged it out. They put their engagement back on.

They each had their rings on them, never getting rid of them.


Harry and Mac have been arguing for weeks over their wedding. They each wanted different things. Mac wanted something in nature. Harry wanted something inside with air conditioning.

Mac wanted a band. Harry wanted a DJ. They constantly yelled, almost every night. But then they calmed down. They took a minute and decided all they wanted was to be married.

That the wedding itself didn't matter.


Mac and Harry got married at their house, ceremony in the backyard, party in the house. Riley, Bozer, and Jack were Mac's groomsmen.

Bozer and Jack were both his best men, they fought over it for a while until Mac said they could both be it. Mac asked Matty to walk him down the aisle. Harry's best man was Ron.

Brianna was a groomsman as well. He asked Hermione to walk him down the aisle.

They married and went on a backpacking honeymoon through Europe.


Harry and Mac decided they wanted children.


Brianna gave birth to Harry and Mac's twin boy and girl.


Mac and Harry went through a trial separation that lasted two months. They quickly moved back in together and decided they wanted another child.


Harry and Mac adopt a teenage boy along with his little sister.


Mac decided to retire. Harry retired shortly after.


Mac and Harry decided to move to a small house in the English Countryside.


Mac died in his sleep. Harry died less than 24 hours later from a broken heart.

Though they went through a lot in their relationship. They both knew, whether they let anyone else know, that no matter what they were going to end up together.

They knew this was how their lives were going to end. Together. And in love.

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