The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 2
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 2 harry potter stories

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The fun time between Harry and MacGyver continues. Statements are made and questions are asked.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 2

"Oh god..." Mac moans as he stops kissing Harry for just a second, reaching into his pocket and grabbing his room key.

"Damn I love your hair," Harry says as Mac opens the door.

The two look at each other, smiling.

"I want you to ride me," Harry says as they walk into the room and close the door.

"My pleasure." Mac pushes Harry onto the bed, Harry quickly throwing his shirt off and getting to his belt.

Mac throws his leather jacket to the floor before running his hands through his hair and looking down at Harry while licking his lips. Their eyes meet as the two slides their pants down and off.

The two take a second to look down at each other, both smiling. Mac runs and jumps onto the bed, both of them laughing and excited about this.

"This is gonna be one long night," Mac says before reaching for a condom in his pants and ripping it open with his teeth.

Mac reaches down to Harry's penis and grabs it. He begins rubbing it softly as it hardens. Once hard, Mac slides the condom onto Harry's penis quickly, rushing to get to this already.

Mac goes on top of Harry, his butt directly above Harry's penis. Mac quickly drops down, biting his lip to overcome the pain he initially feels.

That doesn't slow him down because seconds later Mac grabs the bed polls and begins pulling himself up and dropping back down.

"Shit!" Harry shouts.

'What's wrong?" Mac freaks out.

"I'm close." Harry is embarrassed.

"That's fine. Just enjoy it." Mac kinda wants to laugh but holds himself back.

Mac continues, this time faster. Mac is surprised as five minutes pass and Harry hasn't exploded yet. He can see in Harry's face that he is forcing himself to keep it in.

But at this point, Mac would be happy for Harry to finish as his arms are getting sore and tired.

Mac is sweating harder than he ever has before, his long blonde locks wet and falling in front of his entire face.

"OH!" Harry shouts as he explodes.

Mac can feel as the condom breaks and warm cum shoots into him. Mac has no words for the feeling, slowing down just a little.

Mac let's go of one pole to run a hand through his hair, sweat flying through the air.

"Wow. Just wow." Harry says, running a hand through his hair and looking at Mac's sweaty abs.

Mac slides off of Harry and plops down next to him, taking deep breaths in. Mac places a hand on Harry's arms, rubbing it. Harry looks over to Mac, just thinking about how lucky he is right now.

He sits up, looking over to Mac and placing his hands on his chest.

"I... you have given me the best day of my life." Harry holds himself back from saying what he wants to say.

"I'm happy I could do that."

"Yeah... I truly love... your hair." Harry runs a hand through Mac's hair.

"Just say it."

"Say what?" Harry sweats just a little.

"What you really want to say."

"I love you. I know we just met, but you're just so perfect and amazing and... spectacular!" Harry can't believe he just said that.

"I think I could love you too." Mac looks away, not wanting to show his feelings.

"Well let me see if this helps you get all the way there." Harry reaches over to Mac's penis and grabs it, quickly starting to rub it.

"Oh..." Mac lets out a small smile as Harry starts giving him a handjob.

Harry leans down and begins kissing Mac's abs, slowly moving around. Each kiss he gives, he lightly sucks on Mac's skin.

As minutes pass Mac gets close to exploding and Harry has moved up to Mac's pecs, lightly starting to suck on them. One of Mac's hands run through Harry's soft hair while the other on his back.

Harry begins moving up a bit more and Mac reaches to Harry's face and pushes his glasses up a bit, their eyes meeting.

"Will you come back with me? Back to the states?." Just then Mac explodes, cum shooting into the air like fireworks.

"Oh..." Harry is surprised by the cum and the statement.

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