The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 15
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 15 angus macgyver stories

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Follow Mac and his story after the breakup.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 15



Mac has to call Bozer to pick him up in the morning. On the car ride home he tells Bozer everything, every painful detail, besides the Wizard stuff of course.

And when they get home, Mac just goes to his room. He went to his bed and lays down, looking up at his fan spinning around.


It's been a little over a week and Mac is not only still sad but bored out of his mind. While Bozer is at work, Mac just binges TV. He goes through reality TV after reality TV show.

First was the Real Housewives of New York City, then he moved on to Survivor, and now he's on MTV's The Challenge.

"Mac," Bozer says as he enters the house and sees Mac on the couch. "You good man?" Bozer puts his bag on the counter.

"Yeah..." Mac just sighs as he grabs another handful of chips.

"You wanna go out? Maybe invite the others over?" Bozer sits down next to Mac.

"Nah. I'm almost at the finale. This season has been really intense.

"Yeah... sure... okay..." Bozer grabs a handful of chips before getting up and walking to his room

DAY 20

"Hey Mac!" Bozer shouts from the kitchen. "Where's the garlic?"

"Top left shelf, third column from the left, two from the front." Mac walks out of his room on his crutches.

"What happened here today? I went to work and when I come back it's a whole new kitchen."

"I got bored of TV, so I started cleaning. First I vacuumed and mopped the floors. Then I dusted down everything.

I wiped the counters, the windows, and the cabinets before I emptied everything in all the cabinets and drawers and organized it all.

First I organize it by the amount an item is used, but I changed my mind and redid it by how often items are used together, then alphabetical. That's all.

Other than that I just took a nap and made a cake."

"Oh... that's it?"

DAY 33

With the cast finally off, things begin to feel a little normal again. He is back at work, doing what he normally does. But he still feels off. Now, he just doesn't want to go home.

It reminds him too much of Harry. He goes to work at 6 am and doesn't come home until almost midnight. And when he is home, he doesn't do much sleeping.

He just sits there with a shirt Harry left at his place, holding it. He sits there thinking about what Harry is up to now. About what they would be doing if he never left.

DAY 78

It has now been quite some time, and time has seemed to heal everything, emphasis on the seemed. Mac goes to work, at normal hours. He hangs with his friends.

He has gone back to running and working out. He showers daily again. He has even decided to go out to a gay bar with Bozer and Jack tonight, Jack's idea of course.

After showering and fixing himself up, Mac puts on a nice suit. He looks at himself in his mirror, remembering the last time he wore this suit. He was on a date with Harry.

They had decided on a nice date night out to a fancy restaurant. They both dressed up nicely, but then when they got to the restaurant, they apparently didn't have a reservation.

They didn't want to wait the two hour wait time, so they looked around for a new place to go to. But it was a Friday night, everywhere was crowded.

That's when they made the choice to go to a grocery store, grab some sandwiches, chips, and sodas then drive to a nice scenic area outside of town.

That night they sat in the car looking at the city light, eating grocery store food, talked, laughed, and had some amazing sex in the back seat.

Mac snaps out of it when Jack barges through his bedroom door.

"Come on buddy!" Jack puts his arm around Mac. "Let's find you a man.

" These words echoe through Mac for the rest of the night as he puts on a fake smile and pushes through the evening of men flirting with him and Jack plying him with drinks,

his mind only on Harry.

DAY 148

"Shit! Oh, fuck!" MAc shouts as he climaxes, taking a deep breath in and running his hands through his hair.

"That was amazing!" The guy on the bed says as Mac exits him.

"Yeah... amazing..." Mac wasn't as impressed.

Mac gets up off and off his bed, pulling his boxers on.

"That was great Mac." The man stares at him from the bed. "You know... you're always welcome to stay afterward."

"I know..." Mac says as he finishes getting dressed and leaves the room. "I'll call you." Mac heads home.

DAY 233

"Hey Mac! Can you come out here?" Bozer's shout wakes Mac up.

"What?" Mac comes out of his room with sweatpants and no shirt, running a hand through his hair.

"Mac..." Jack says as Mac notices that everyone is there.

All of his friends are there and look very serious.

"What's going on?"

"Sit down Mac," Riley says.

"Really? What is this? What kind of intervention could I need?"

"Intervention! This isn't..." Jack begins. "Okay well... it is..."

"Bozer tells us that half the week you have tons of different guys over here, then the other half you're gone with a guy and don't come back till two in the morning." Matty stands up.

"We're worried about your actions."

"So what? I'm meeting guys. That's exactly what you wanted me to do."

"We want you to meet a nice guy. Someone that you can have feelings for. Not tons of one night stands." Riley chimes in.

"I'm... I'm not..." Mac stands up.

"We know you still miss Harry." Jack almost shouts, the others all turning to him and giving him a look.

"Jack," Bozer whispers to him.

Mac just walks into his room. As he sits on the bed, Bozer walks in, closing the door and sitting next to him.

"Mac. I know how much you loved Harry, that you still love him. But he even told you to live your life, to move on, to find someone else. You need to do this for you.

You deserve to be happy, not whatever you call this."

"But... I'll never find another Harry." Mac lays down on the bed.

"But you won't know unless you try. And maybe you are right.

But when Harry eventually does come back, don't you want to be able to say that he did everything you could to do what he asked you to do? To try and live your own life and figure yourself out?

" Bozer lays down next to him.

"Thanks man."

"Eh... no problem. It's what I do." They both laugh.

DAY 289

The day begins like all the other Saturdays. He takes a run to that small coffee shop he found so long ago and takes a seat, drinking and looking out into the city and the thousands of people.

But this time Mac's phone dinged. He opened it and it was one of the many dating apps he downloaded. There was a message from a man with no photo.

CHARLES672: Hey. Is that you? I'm sitting across the room. The handsome one in the suit with the eyebrows.

Mac looks up and around the room until his eyes set on a handsome man with amazing brown hair, thick eyebrows, and wearing a nice suit. He smiles at Mac.

MACGYVER12: No, must be some other cute blonde. But there is a semi-handsome man with a decent suit and okay eyebrows looking at me right now.

"Oh really? I'm only semi-handsome?" Mac is shocked as the man appears in front of his table.

"Yeah... I've seen... one or two guys better looking than you."

"Oh... then can you guide them to me, maybe I should be talking to them." They both just laugh. "Can I sit here?"

"Sure. I'm Mac."

"I'm Charlie."

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