The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 14
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 14 macgyver stories

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In the hospital, Mac and Harry have massive revelations of their lives.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 14

It was a long night. Mac and Harry walked another three hours, the entire time talking. Harry told Mac everything. Mac told Harry everything. Things were feeling normal once again.

When they finally made it to a hospital, at almost seven in the morning, the doctors said he was "lucky" and that he would just need one night there and a cast for a month.

"Do you want a blanket sir?" the nurse asks Harry, who has stayed up watching Mac as he fell asleep in the bed.

"No thanks." Harry sits back in his chair and continues to look at Mac. "God I love you." Harry slides his hand onto Mac's.

"I love you too." Harry is surprised to hear Mac is still awake. "But we should talk."

"No. You should get some sleep. We can talk tomorrow."

"Okay. Promise?"

"Of course." Harry stands up. "I'll be back. Gotta go to the bathroom." They just smile to each other as Harry's hand slides off Mac's and he leaves.

Mac watches as Harry walks away and just stares in that direction as he gets too far away to see. He takes a deep breath in and looks over to the table, reaching for his water.

As he reaches for it, out of the corner of his eye he sees a piece of paper on the chair Harry was sitting on. He sits up in bed and grabs the paper.

Opening it, Mac isn't prepared for what's in it. He reads it once, his eyes watering. He reads it again, this time a tear going down his face.

"Mac!" Out of nowhere the sound of Bozer's voice shocks Mac out of the letter.

Mac folds the letter and throws it under his pillow before wiping the tear from his face and turning around to see Bozer, Riley, Matty, and Jack rushing into the room.

"Oh my god! Man! What happened?" Jack goes up to him and begins hugging him.

"Stop that!" Matty shouts at Jack. "He's in the hospital for a reason." Jack steps back.

"Why are you here by the way?" Riley asks and she gives him a gentle hug.

"I had a little accident in the woods while I was hiking."

"That's why you should've invited me on this trip of yours." Jack laughs. "And yeah... I know... you wanted to be alone for a week with 'nature'."

"Jack..." Mac laughs at him. "It's just a small break. I'll be out of here tomorrow with a cast for just a month."

"You're lucky blondie." Matty gives Mac a smile.

As they all begin talking, Mac notices Harry standing outside the room. He sees Harry watching Mac and his friends, smiling. But Mac can see the sadness in Harry's eyes.

Mac has never even come out as gay, let alone tell anyone about Harry. As their eyes meet, Mac smiles and waves him in. As he does so, the others notice and turn to see Harry.

"Come on. Come in." Mac waves him in and this time Harry walks in. "Come." Mac waves him to come next to the bed. "Everyone this is Harry..." Mac takes a deep breath in. "He's my boyfriend...

" Everyone goes silent unlike Mac has ever seen them before. "And I love him." The silence continues for a second as Harry and Mac hold hands.

"That's great!" Jack is the first one to say anything, shouting it loudly and immediately hugging Harry. "Welcome to the family!"

Just then the others start chiming in and hugging and shaking Harry's hand. Jack goes to hug Mac again, whispering something into his ear.

For the next ten minutes, everyone asks the two of them so many questions about how they met and asks Harry everything about him.

After the nurse says that Mac needs some sleep, everyone starts saying their goodbye and leaving. Everyone, but Matty leaves. She walks up to Mac and places her hand on his. She just smiles.

"How long have you known?" Mac asks her.

"Since you were in London." They both laugh. "Now get better cause I need my boy genius back at work as soon as possible." She looks over to Harry. "Take care of your boy."

"Of course." They shake their heads to each other before Matty leaves. "She scares me." Harry laughs as Matty is out of sight.

"I know." They laugh for a second before Harry goes and takes a seat again.

"That was amazing Mac."

"Yeah... it felt amazing." Mac runs his hands through his hair. "I feel the best I've ever felt before."

"That's all I've ever wanted for you." Harry grabs Mac's hand.

"I need to talk to you..."

"It's fine Mac, it can wait until later. You need your sleep."

"I'm too awake now. And I need to say this now."

"Okay..." Harry is scared as slides his chair closer to the bed.

"I love you," Mac says with such conviction before taking the letter out from under his pillow. "I love you." He says with even more conviction and Harry is shocked that he has the letter.

"How'd?" Harry checks his pocket.

"Is this... is this all true?" Mac waves the letter.

"Yes. Of course." Mac just smiles hearing that.

"I was going to say something far different in this talk. I was planning on saying that we needed a break. That we needed time away from each other to think things out.

That I needed to think things out. But... but seeing this letter... it showed me just how much you care. How much you regretted that kiss... the lying... everything.

These words made me realize I want to be with you forever. For as long as I'm alive I want to be with you. I don't want to live in a world without you."

"Mac..." Harry is blushing. "I can never truly write how much I love you, it's impossible." Harry is nervous and takes a deep breath in.

"I know for a fact that I will never stop loving you and that I will never love anyone as much as you...but...but I think we do need some time apart.

We are each other's first serious boyfriends. You just came out to your... to your family. I'm still in the closet. I think we both need to figure ourselves out."

"I know who I am... and I know I'm best with you around." Mac is starting to get scared.

"You may know yourself, but I don't. On a whim I moved to another country, leaving my friends and family. I left school early just to come here for you. I didn't come here for myself.

That's why..." Harry takes his hand off Mac's. "I'm going back to London."

"What?" Mac sits up.

"Not forever." Harry clarifies. "Just to go back to school. To see my friends. To finish school and finish that chapter of my life before I move on to this next one."

"But Harry." Mac tries grabbing his hand, but he pulls away, moving to the front of the bed.

"Trust me, this is harder for me than it is for you. This is absolutely killing me. But I promise that I will not be with anyone while I'm gone. I can't.

You are the only one I ever want to be with. But I don't want to hold you back. I want you to heal. To go back to your life as you.

And when I come back, which I will, if you're still free and ready to bring me into your life we can start again, as something new and better.

But if you're with someone else, which I encourage you to be, I won't stop it." Harry grabs his jacket. "If we're meant to be, then we can continue this in a couple of months."

"I understand," Mac says as Harry walks to the door. "I love you."

"I love you too." Harry leaves.

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