The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 13
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 13 harry potter stories

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Mac and Harry find themselves in a serious situation.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 13


"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Mac screams as he snaps his leg back into place.

He starts breathing heavily, slowing down his heart rate. Once his heart rate slows, he begins looking around. First, he checks his body.

Other than the broken leg, twisted his ankle, and he has a few scrapes on his hand and leg along with a soon to be a bruise on his butt.

He looks around for anything he can use, but there's nothing but rocks. His mind begins scrambling as he tries to figure out the way out of this.

But in the end, after minutes of debating every step he could take, he knows that he at least needs his backpack.

And he knows he can't get to that without a large enough of a stick to at least help him get to his feet. There is no stick large enough in sight, just a few tiny kindlings.

"Shit..." Mac grabs as many sticks as he can reach and a couple of dry rocks.

He pulls himself a little farther from the water, trying to find a dry flat surface. He eventually gets a few feet away and finds a good area for what he needs to do.


He's been walking for an hour now.

"Mac!" Harry shouts for the hundredth time. "Mac!" He shines the flashlight around the dark woods. "Mac!"

He stops for a second, taking his wand from his pants. He thinks for a minute, wondering what spell to use.

It hits him! He grabs, from his other pocket, Mac's compass, he had grabbed it while running out.

"Avensenguim." Harry whispers while waving the wand at the compass.

The compass glows and the arrow in it spins around for a couple of seconds before stopping in one direction. Harry begins following it, going faster and faster.

As he jumps over branches and rocks he finds himself hearing roaring water. In the deep distance, he can see a light. As he gets closer to it he notices it is a fire.

And right then he realizes it must be Mac. He speeds up, placing his wand and the compass back in his pockets.

"Mac!" Harry shouts the second he sees him lying on the ground next to a fire.

"Harry!" Mac shouts with a sigh of relief.

"What happened? Are you okay? Oh god! I've missed you! What happened?" Harry starts to frantically talk.

"It's okay. Calm down. Take a breath." Mac puts his hand on Harry's shoulder. "I went for a swim then slipped on a rock.

I will be fine, I just need you to go up there," He points to the top of the waterfall. "And grab my bag. It has my stuff and the things I need to get out of here."

"Ok. Yeah. Sure." Harry starts to walk off.

"Oh, and grab a couple of large sticks."

"Yeah." Harry rushes off.

Though Mac was still in pain, physically and emotionally, he still wanted to kiss Harry the second he saw him.

Harry gets back thirty minutes later with everything Mac asked for. The second Mac gets his hands on his bag and those sticks he begins working.

Harry is impressed to watch Mac put the sticks around his legs and uses his shirt, ripped in strips, to tie them around his broken leg.

He watches as Mac uses his pocket knife to do things he never thought could be done with such simple items.

"Do you have your phone?" Mac asks Harry, who hands it over to him.

"There's no signal though."

"That's fine." Within a minute Mac breaks Harry's phone to strengthen the signal of his phone. "I'm calling the Park Service.

" The phone rings once before it begins smoking and Mac throws it before it has a small spark. "Damn!" Mac runs his hands through his hair. "We need to get out of here, quickly.

There are a lot of bears and similarly dangerous animals out here!

It will take at least six hours to walk back with these injuries and by the time we get in the car and drive to the hospital I could lose function in my leg!" Mac begins shouting to himself.

"I thought it was just a break?" Harry is scared and confused.

"It was... but I think when I snapped it back in place I might've done something wrong. This bruise... " Mac points to a dark red bruise on his leg. "I think I may be bleeding internally."

"Mac..." Harry puts his hand on Mac's shoulder.

"It's fine. Let's just take a second then leave. I'll just have to push through the pain and go faster than I calculated."



"I..." Harry takes a deep breath as he reaches into his pocket and wraps his hand around his wand. "I need you to remain calm. Also, you can't tell anyone. Oh, and most importantly...

please understand." Harry pulls out the wand, aiming it Mac, who looks wildly confused. "Episkey." He waves the wand and the scratches fade away on Mac.

"What the?" Mac is speechless.

"Wait." He aims the wand at Mac's leg. "Ferula." Waving the wand as he says it, the shirt and sticks begin morphing into bandages and a splint.

"Oh my..." Mac is in awe as the red bruise on his leg fades to a smaller and barely noticeable bruise.

"It will still hurt a little, but it will give us plenty of time to get out of here and to a hospital."

Mac says nothing as Harry helps him to his feet. He snuffs out the fire and turns his flashlight on. Then they begin walking.

"You okay?" Harry asks, unable to stop watching Mac and waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Yeah. It doesn't hurt much." Mac just stares forward.

"That's not what I was asking about."

An hour later...

They have been walking in silence for an hour now and things don't feel as weird as it should. Something about all of this has lightened everything.

Harry feels a weight lifted off his shoulders and Mac feels relieved for some reason.

"What are you?" Mac asks out of nowhere.

"A wizard." Harry is just happy to hear Mac's voice.

"How many are there... of you?"

"We're everywhere. All across the world." Mac stops walking and faces Harry, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you."


"I've always known you were hiding something from me, I just couldn't figure it out."


"Yeah... and because of that I never told you my secret."

"Secret?" Harry is getting confused, so many feelings hitting him at once.

"I work for a secret part of the government and am often sent around the world to help solve life-ending, world-changing problems."


"You can't tell anyone."

"Of course."

The two just stand there in silence for a minute before Mac starts laughing. Harry immediately follows, unable to hold it in.

The two laugh for almost ten minutes straight, their stomachs and throats hurting.

"Water..." Mac says while laughing. "Water..." Harry reaches into his bag and hands him a water bottle.

The two stop laughing and Mac drinks his water.

"We should continue," Mac says after chugging half the bottle down.

The two continue walking in silence once again, but their hands slide into each other, and their fingers intertwine.

"So... I have a lot of questions..." Mac says as they continue the trail.

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