The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 12
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 12 angus macgyver stories

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Mac and Harry deal with what happened last night in their own ways.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 12


The next morning, around seven, Harry finally got out of bed. He didn't sleep, but he just laid there.

He laid there thinking, Thinking about everything from the moment he met Mac, to that kiss with Collin, and to all the mistake he made throughout the week that led him to here.

As he stood up from the bed he felt a headache smash the back of his head.

"Damn." He whispers to himself before grabbing some clothes.

As he gets dressed he can't help but imagine how great last night could've been, if he had never kissed Collin. How great the entire week here would've been.

After getting dressed his opens the bedroom door slowly, looking out and listening for any signs of Mac. Nothing. He walks out and to Mac's bedroom door, placing his ear on the door. Nothing.

He knocks on the door.

"Mac?" Harry whispers at the door.

Nothing. He walks down the hall and into the living room/kitchen area.

"Mac? Nothing.

He sees a piece of paper on the kitchen counter.

Went on a hike. Needed time to think. Shouldn't be back too late. - Angus

"Oh..." The sign off on the letter really hurts Harry.

He goes to the window and looks out at the water.


Mac didn't sleep at all. He stayed up all night thinking about all that happened. Every time he thought about how much he loved Harry, his mind went straight to Collin, imagining them kissing.

The more he thought about how mad he is at Harry, then his mind would go straight to how much he loves Harry and that he would do anything for him.

But would he do anything for him? He questioned it all.

Around four in the morning, an idea came to Mac. When he was younger he would go camping when things were getting stressful. So that's what he does.

He grabs his backpack, packs a couple of items including water, a towel, flashlight, bathing suit, and first aid kit. By five, he writes a note for Harry and leaves the cabin.

Walking through the woods he takes deep breathes, clearing his mind. All he thinks about is nature. He thinks about the animals, the trees, the wind, and the sun.

He thinks about how simple it is. He thinks about when he would camp as a kid when times were simpler.


Though he is sad, confused, and downright... well... down, Harry decides to do something other than stare into the abyss. He puts on his bathing suit and jumps and walks onto the dock.

Sitting down, he dips his feet in the pool. The cool water relaxes him for a moment, making him forget about everything. He moves his feet around, feeling the water shift with each movement.

He looks down at the water, a small fish swimming past his feet. He takes a deep breath takes a bite of gillyweed, sliding into the water, letting himself drop down.

As gills grow on his neck and webbing between his fingers and feet, Harry smiles for real for the first time in a week. He moves forward, swimming fast and deep down to the bottom of the lake.

He looks around, fish swimming around him. In the distance he sees something on the ground, moving weirdly.

Swimming closer he notices what it is. A turtle. A turtle with some plastic wrapped around its entire body. It's struggling to move and looks in pain.

Harry swims up to it and tries grabbing the plastic, but then the turtle turns to try and bite him. Harry moves back, dodging.

Harry doesn't leave though, he moves slowly closer to the turtle, moving his hand out so he sees.

Grabbing the plastic, the turtle decides to stay calm and not fight back. Harry slowly rips off a little bit of the plastic at a time.

Eventually, the plastic comes off the turtle, the turtle immediately swimming away quickly. Harry just smiles, loving this feeling of helping.

He grabs the plastic and swims up to the top and up to the dock, placing the plastic on it.


As the day gets hotter and brighter, Mac is getting more tired. He looks at his map, seeing that nearby is a body of water. He starts heading there.

Climbing over some large rocks and up a large hill before finding himself on top of a waterfall. He is amazed at the simple beauty of it.

The sound of the waterfall eases him, the noise like a white noise machine.

"Wow." Mac sighs with a deep breath in.

Mac smiles like he hasn't since he learned the news. He takes his backpack off, throws his shirt off, then slides his pants and boxers off, putting his bathing suit on.

He stands on top of this waterfall and looks down. It must be almost 20 feet high. That height just makes Mac smile more.

He takes a few steps back before charging forward and jumping off the edge.

As he's in the air, time seems to slow down. He feels the wind sweep through his hair, his body feeling weirdly light. His skin tingles with the sunlight, and goosebumps grow from the cold air.

Then, as his body hits the water, that moment snaps like a stick. His body opens up. He closes his eyes. Lets the water pull him down.

His heart begins racing, but he just starts thinking about relaxing. He starts letting his body go limp, letting his body fall deeper into the water.

Everything seems to go away for a minute. All the pain, the love, the drama. Right now, at this very moment, it's just him and him alone.

For the first time, in what seems like his whole life, he is finally alone.


Harry gets out of the water a little later, feeling a bit tired. He swims out, grabbing the piece of plastic from earlier, and walks towards the house, his gills and webs fading away.

He walks onto the deck and looks out to the water, the sun slowly moving down and creating shades of light that can't be seen in the city.

He turns around and walks inside, throwing the plastic away before going to his room. Turning the shower on feels like a chore.

The longer he's in this cabin, the more everything starts to hit him again. Every step he takes feels hard and meaningless without Mac.

Stepping into the shower just reminds him that he may never be in a shower with Mac again, and that hurts a part of him, a part of his soul.

As the harsh hot water hits him, he doesn't turn it down. He just lets it hurt. He believes he deserves pain. For some reason, it just feels right to be in pain, like Mac is.

The shower seems to last forever. It feels like he's there for hours when he exits. His skin is red from the heat and his body feels sore with each step.

He stops at the sink, looking at himself in the mirror.

He didn't recognize himself. He looks off, like he's looking at a carnival mirror. He touches his scar, reminding himself of who he was born to be.

Is this who he was? Someone that kissed another guy? Someone who lied? Someone who gives up?

Something in this sparks energy in his body. He dries off and goes in the room, quickly throwing clothes on. He walks out into the kitchen, grabbing the notepad Mac had used to write his note.

He stands there and begins writing. He writes frantically, unable to stop his hand. Without thinking, Harry writes everything. He writes an apology. He writes why he loves Mac.

And he writes what he will do to change things, to make things better than ever.

With over an hour passing, he finally finishes with ten pages. Then he turns around facing the window and noticing the sun is almost completely down, but Mac isn't back yet.

Without even thinking, Harry puts his shoes on, grabs the letter, a flashlight, and a water bottle. He then leaves the cabin with nothing but Mac on his mind.


As he loses breath, Mac flings his body up, kicking his feet and flying his way up the water.

As his head breaks out of the water he takes a deep breath in, closing his eyes and letting the warm sun hit his face.

After another deep breath, Mac swims forward and to the edge, walking out of the water.

He finds a large smooth rock and lays down on it, letting the sun hit his entire body, slowly drying him off. Taking deep breaths, Mac closes his eyes and almost immediately falls asleep.

Hours later...

Mac yawns as he opens his eyes and sits up on the rock.

"Damn!" Mac shouts as he notices the sun is almost down.

He stands up, noticing he is almost completely dry. He runs his hands through his hair and begins walking off.

As he walks he looks up for where he jumped from, trying to figure out the best way to get there. But as he walks and looks up that way, his foot slips on a wet rock and he falls backward.

As he falls his right leg smacks against a larger rock and a large crack echoes through the woods.

"Fuck!" Mac shouts in pain and his entire body hits the floor and the realization of his broken leg hits him. "Fuck!"

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