OBX - Season 2 Episode 4
OBX - Season 2 Episode 4 outer banks stories

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OBX - Season 2 Episode 4

OBX - Season 2 Episode 4

"I don't know about that. I'll have to ask the doctor." I look around to see if anyone else has any other questions.

"When do you go to the doctor next?" Sarah asks.

"Actually... I was gonna ask you later, but I called my doctor earlier and moved my appointment up to tomorrow afternoon. I was wondering if we could head back a little earlier..."

"Oh. Of course." Sarah takes her phone out. "I'll set my alarm now."

"Thanks. Rest of you guys can stay as late as you want."

"No, it's fine. We can all leave together." Taylor says and the others nod.

"No. Stay. Sleep in. Then head out whenever. There's no need to change plans for me." Everyone just smiles. "Now... can we have some shots?" Everyone just starts laughing.

"Oh my god I love this song!" Kiara shouts as Hilary Duff's Come Clean starts blasting on the speaker.

"Me too!" I shout, excited as the song starts.

Me, Kiara, Sarah, and Pope somehow all know the lyrics and start singing along. We're all just laughing, singing, and dancing together in a close circle.

It's absolutely the most fun I've had in a while and by far the weirdest. I can stop JJ from the corner of my eye. He's just sitting on the side having a drink.

He's staring right at me and has this stupid big grin on his face.

When the song is over I rush off to the side. I grab a water bottle and chug it.

"Someone's thirsty," JJ says as he walks up to me with another water bottle.

"Oh? You think I'm the thirsty one?"

"Wanna sneak off?" He whispers to me.

"Maybe..." I bite my lower lip.

"I'll make it worth it..."

"Hmm..." A song I love starts playing. "Interesting proposition..." I start stepping back to where everyone else is dancing.

I grab Taylor and start dancing with her. I feel so happy and so confident that my adrenaline is rushing. I look back over to JJ and he's still staring at me and smiling.

Then he just starts walking towards me. He looks like a man on a mission. Something about his walk over to me is so sexy. Then, as he gets to me, he just grabs my head and starts kissing me.

It's otherworldly. It's so amazing that I honestly can't think of a proper word to describe it. For a moment I actually feel myself leave my body. It's intense.

And though it feels like we've been kissing for hours, eventually the kiss ends. JJ just smiles. I look around and everyone is still dancing, but have weirdly slowed down and all looking at us.

But then they all look away and pretend like they weren't just starring.

"You sure about this?" I whisper to JJ.

"I have to be. If I'm not then doing that was pretty stupid." We both laugh. "Now show me your dance moves."

Lord was last night fun. Fun and crazy. After a bit more dancing JJ and I stumbled to my bedroom where we had a lot of... fun.

I never imagined this trip would be so amazing, but it kinda solved everything... except for my tumor.

I wake up way too early after maybe one or two hours of sleep. I have to quietly slide out of JJ's arms and pack my bag.

When I slip out of the room I see Sarah already waiting for me by the front door.

"Hey." She seems so awake as we step outside.

"How are you so chipper?"

"Well, I had nothing but water last night."

"What? How's that possible? I saw you taking shots!" We put our bags in the car.

"I made the shots. Mine were watered down."

"What? You cheat!" We get into the car.

"Well, I knew I needed to drive and that this was an important day."

"You're way too disciplined." We start driving.

"So..." After driving in silence for about 15 minutes Sarah breaks the silence. "That was quite some kiss..." I can see her holding back a smile.

"Yes. Yes, it was." We both just start laughing.

Walking into the hospital isn't hard. I thought it was going to be, but not at all. I walked in with Sarah. Then the doctor came and we walked into her office.

When the doctor entered she began with showing the tumor. It looked so funky on the x-ray. Kinda like a wad of gum. Luckily Sarah was taking notes because nothing was making much of any sense.

But what really hit me was when we started discussing the next steps.

"We want to start you on a few rounds of chemo and then when we can stop the tumor from growing, we'd go into surgery to try and remove it all." This is when it hits me.


"What sort of things should he expect from chemo?" I look over to Sarah and just smile.

The doctor gives us multiple brochures, some websites to check out, and a support group to look into.

After we talk with her, she takes me to another room for a few blood samples followed by scans in all of these different machines. I just listen to the doctors and nurses.

I do what they say when they say it. It all feels like a bad nightmare.

"Hey." Sarah jumps to her feet when I come to the lobby hours later.

"Sorry for making you wait."

"It's no problem. I was just talking to John B. They should be here in an hour or so."

"Great." We get into the elevator.

"Is everything okay?" I just stare at the wall. "Parker?"

"I start chemo the day after tomorrow." The elevator doors open and a few people step in.

When we reach the ground level we step out and silently walk to the parking lot. When we step into the car I feel myself breathing heavily. It begins to hurt.

"I... I..." My hand starts shaking.

"Parker. Breath." She grabs my hand and grips it tightly. "Just breath." I grip her hand and start pushing air in through my nose and out through my mouth. "What's your name?"


"Where are we?"

"Hospital parking lot." I start relaxing.

"What did you do with JJ last night in your room?"

"Sarah!" We both start laughing.

"You good now?"

"Better than I will be."


"Hey! Parker! You home?" I hear Sarah yelling from downstairs. "John B and I've got some food!" I've simply got no energy to shout back.

I hear her walking up the stairs. When she reaches the door she knocks. But after I don't respond she walks in.

"Parker!" She sees me sitting on the ground in the corner of the room. "John B!" I hear John B fumble downstairs and start running up here.

"I'm fine." My throat hurts.

"What happened?" John B says as he enters the room, out of breath.

"I just fell getting up to use the bathroom earlier. My body is just weak."

"How long have you been down here?" They get around me and start helping me to stand up.

"Enough to no longer need to pee." At this point, I'm no longer embarrassed as they see the small puddle on the ground and my wet pants. "Just put me on my bed."

"What? No! You've gotta shower!" Sarah has her mothering voice on.

"Come on?" I look to John B.

"Like I'd disobey her." I laugh at that and I start coughing.

"Take him in there. I'll grab some water." Sarah runs off.

As we walk into the bathroom I see myself in the mirror.

"It's good I never shaved my head earlier."

"What? You look good with a buzzcut." John B tries cheering me up.

"I look ridiculously skinny with no hair."

"Are you really okay living here by yourself?" He places me down on top of the toilet.

"I'm hardly by myself. You guys are here all the time."

"We're all just worried about you." Sarah walks back in.

"Here. Drink this." She hands me a water bottle.

As I take a sip of the water I feel my stomach gurgle. Quickly I can feel my stomach flip. I jump off the toilet and within seconds of flipping the seat up, I vomit right into it.

"Shit." John B jumps back as I miss the toilet a little.

"Parker..." Sarah hands me a towel as I sit up against the wall. "You're coming home with me." Her voice is stern and kinda scary.


"I've already talked to my dad and he's fine with you coming to stay in our guest room."

"No." I see John B slip out of the room as Sarah's face turns serious.

"You'll be on the first floor so there won't be any worry about the stairs. Plus, my dad's offered to pay for a nurse to help out, especially when I'm at school."



"I can't do that."

"Don't worry. My dad is the one that actually offered it. He seems to like you."

"Why?" We both laugh a little. "Ow."

"I'll pack you some bags. You just drink some water." She starts walking away.

"Sarah." She turns to look at me. "You're annoying. But thanks." She just smiles and walks out.

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