OBX - Season 2 Episode 10 (Part 2)
OBX - Season 2 Episode 10 (Part 2) outer banks stories

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OBX - Season 2 Episode 10 (The Finale)

OBX - Season 2 Episode 10 (Part 2)


They all just sit there in the chairs as they cry and watch JJ storm off.

"We... we should..." Taylor begins to talk.

"Fuck!" Kiara just shouts, gets to her feet, and storms off to the bathroom.

Taylor and Pope look at each other. They grab each other's hands.

"I should go check on her." Taylor stands up.

"I'll go with you."

"To the girl's room?"

"Yeah..." They both laugh a little, but then stop once they remember what's happening.

They walk into the bathroom.

"Kiara?" Taylor starts to look under the stall doors.

"Go away." I've never seen Kiara like this.

"Not happening." Taylor opens the last stall door to see Kiara wiping her tears with toilet paper.

"This wasn't supposed to happen."

"No. It wasn't." Taylor steps up to her and kneels down. "Nothing like this should ever happen. None of us really believed this was a possibility.

We've all seen the movies and thought that he would survive and this would be some fun story we talked about years down the line."

"Life isn't a movie." Kiara reaches out to Taylor.

"No. It isn't." They both stand up.

"Fuck this!" Pope shouts and they both turn to look at him crying.

"Pope..." Kiara runs up to him and just starts hugging him.

Taylor walks up and joins in the hug.

"We'll all make it through this," Taylor whispers.

"Together," Kiara says before continuing to cry.

"You're both staying over at my place tonight," Taylor says it for them, but mostly for herself.

"That sounds good." They stop hugging and Pope wipes his tears.

"My mom will be thrilled to bake for you guys." She takes her phone out to text her mom.

"Will she make her apple pie?" Kiara whispers.

"I'm sure she will."


"Sarah?" John B kneels down to her. "You wanna talk?"

"Go to JJ. He needs you more." She finally speaks.

"I'll be back in a bit." He kisses her on the forehead before running off after JJ.

Sarah watches as Kiara runs off. Then watches Taylor and Pope follow after her. Then she just sits there. Alone. Watching her sit there makes me wonder. It makes me wonder why she hasn't cried.

Why she hasn't said anything.

Then she just stands up out of nowhere and walks to the elevator. She gets to her car. Then she drives off. She drives in complete silence. Says nothing. Does nothing. Just drives.

Until she reaches her house. Her dad is sitting on the front porch reading the newspaper.

"Hey, sweetie." She doesn't stop or say anything, just continues as if she doesn't see him. "Sarah?" He gets up and follows her inside.

"Hey, sis." Rafe walks down the stairs and she ignores him as well. "What's wrong with her?" He asks his dad as he walks in behind her.

They follow her as she walks to my old room. She just walks barely in and stops walking.

"Sarah? Sweetie? You're scaring me."

"Parker is dead." It's all she says. Simple. Straight to the point. It feels weird that three little words can describe what has happened to me.

"What?" Rafe laughs, not knowing if what he heard is real or some twisted joke his mind is playing on him.

"Parker is dead."

"Oh my god." Rafe steps back, trying to keep himself together.

"Oh. Sweetie... I'm so sorry." He goes to try and hug his daughter, but she shrugs him off.

"I'm gonna go for a swim." She moves past her dad and Rafe, going straight to the pool.

She takes her clothes off, down to her bra and underwear. Then she jumps in. Flashes of memories hit her as her skin touches the water.

She thinks about the time we were in the pool at the lake house. How I opened up to her. She remembers me sinking to the bottom. She does the same.

She sits on the bottom, eyes shut, and just starts screaming. She lets it all out.

"Sarah." She hears her name as she gets above water, it's Rafe. "You okay?" He puts his feet in the pool as she swims over to the edge. "I guess you're not really in the mood to talk.

But whenever you are I'm here." She looks up to him, seeing tears building up in his eyes. "Parker was special. And you're special. It's a miracle the two of you were ever able to meet.

" Finally, Sarah smiles the tiniest of smiles. "You're also nuts for going for a swim in this weather. You're gonna catch pneumonia."

Rafe gets up and walks away.

"Rafe." She speaks and Rafe turns around. "You're special too." Then she sinks back into the water, this time opening her eyes and looking up into the blurry world.


JJ runs down the stairs and then just stops. He starts kicking the wall violently. His foot is in pain, but it's nothing compared to his heart. Then he punches the wall.

He feels the crack in his fist and just starts screaming.

"JJ." John B finds him and first JJ tries running, but John B cuts him off. "You need to calm down."

"No, I don't!" He shouts right in John B's face, tears rolling down his face.

"You do. None of this is making things better."

"Nothing will make this better!" JJ's face is getting red, his throat aching and making it harder to breathe.

"Time will." John B tries to hug JJ, but he pushes him back. "JJ. Just let it happen." He goes back in for a hug and this time he isn't pushed back. "Just let it happen."

"I can't," JJ speaks softer this time.

"But you can."

"If I do..." He sniffles his nose. "I may never stop."

"Then don't. Just get it all out. Talk about it. Cry about it. Do whatever it takes to move just one step forward."

"But... bu..." JJ tries speaking but just starts sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's alright," They both fall to the floor together.

"He said he loved me. Last night." He blurts out between moans. "He loved me." He gasps, suddenly realizing what he had said. "Loved." he starts crying more.

"He still loves you."

And I do.

After maybe thirty minutes of straight crying, JJ is wiped. He looks exhausted. John B helps him up and gets him to a doctor for his hand.

As the doctor walks out of the room to talk with John B, JJ lays back. He looks up at the ceiling. The little specks on it. It kinda looks like the night sky.

"Parker..." JJ feels weird speaking to himself, but some part of him knows that I'm listening. "I'll always love you." Tears roll down the sides of his face. "I hope that you know that.

I hope that you know I will never forget about you. You have been my first love. My greatest love." He sniffles and wipes the tears out of his eyes. "Nothing will ever change that."

John B

After dropping the others off at Taylor's, John B brings JJ back to his place.

"The doctor wants you to take one of these every morning and night for the next week." He puts the pills next to the bed. "Get some sleep. I'll be around if you need anything.

" He leaves the room, turning the lights off and closing the door.

John B walks straight outside and instantly begins crying. He's finally letting it all out. I can see the pain pulling him apart.

He grabs a fallen branch and starts hitting it against the closest tree. As pieces of wood snap off and fly around him, tears roll down his cheeks and to the ground. He says nothing. Just cries.

Just hits the tree with all the strength he's got. He picks up another branch and continues. He just keeps going, feeling his body get weaker with each wack.

Then the TV screen goes black. Outside the lake house starts to brighten. I can feel it. It's time.

"Please. No... just let me watch a little more..." I try turning the TV on. "Please!" I hit the TV and nothing.

Then the back doors open. It's getting much brighter outside. I step to the doors and look out to the docks. I see him. Clearly. He's smiling and waving.

"Dad." I wave back.

"Don't forget your shoes." Her voice immediately makes me cry.

My mom turns up beside me with my shoes. She just smiles and then the shoes are on my feet.

"I'll meet you down there." I grab her hand, but it slips away as she walks towards the docks.

I look back into the house. It's empty. No furniture. No TV. Nothing but the house. It's no longer home. It's time.

I turn and face the dock. Both my parents stand there. They wave to me, smiling. Then I take the first step towards them, a bright and warm light filling up my body. I can tell.

From the feeling. The warmth flowing through my body. I'm home.


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