Daddy - Chapter 3
Daddy - Chapter 3 hiram lodge stories

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Hiram and Andy continue to get to know each other.

Daddy - Chapter 3

"Oh god!" I shout as I begin to explode in Hiram's mouth.

Hiram takes just a taste before moving his head back and letting cum shoot onto his face, hair, and suit. He closes his eyes and licks his lips as the rest of my cum sprays him down.

Once done, I watch as Hiram opens his eyes and moves back forward, licking all the cum off the penis. He sucks on it just slightly, trying to get every last bit of it out.

"So...?" It feels very awkward as he stands up.

"So?" He wipes his finger across his cheek, wiping the cum off then sucking on his finger. "That was quite spectacular. You taste better than I could've imagined.

" He runs a hand through his hair, wet streaks of cum easily visible. "I've got a meeting in 30, but we should have just enough time for a shower.

" He starts walking away, throwing his tie to the ground.

"We?" I can't close my mouth and follow quickly behind him.

I follow him into a grand bathroom with a shower that could easily fit 15 people. He turns the shower on by a button on the outside, water falling down like it's raining.

He turns to me as he throws his jacket on the floor. I watch in amazement as he unbuttons his shirt, his very swollen and perfect muscles being revealed.

"Oh wow." I accidentally let slip from my mouth.

He just laughs as he throws his shirt to the floor.

"Wanna help me?" He says as he whips his belt off with a singular yank.

"Of course." I walk up to him and move his hands from his pants.

I reach down and unzip his pants. I slowly begin moving down as I pull his pants down. Our eyes never lose contact as I go all the way down.

I put both my hands on his muscular thighs and lightly grip them. I can see his bulge start to grow through his boxers.

I slide both of my hands up to his waist, moving up so my face is directly in front of them. I slowly slide my fingers underneath his boxers and begin to slowly pull them down.

"Come on. We don't have much time." Though he seems to like it, Hiram also seems to just want it to happen.

Something comes over me as his erect, and quite large, penis pops out in my face. I take a gulp, both amazed and afraid of it.

"You've got it." These words suddenly build up my confidence.

Something in me changes and I stand up. He seems confused as our eyes meet. I push him back, kissing him and letting our bodies rub against each other.

His head slides against the glass as our kissing gets more dramatic and our heads move around. I stop kissing him, his smile larger than before. I open the shower door directly left of him.

I grab Hiram by the shoulders and walk left with him. I take a small step back and take the rest of my clothes off quickly.

"Wow," Hiram whispers under his breath, not knowing I can hear him.

Once I'm completely naked, I step forward and place my hands on his chest, pushing him back and into the shower. The water immediately begins falling on him.

His perfect hair begins to crack and fall down. As hair begins to go over his eyes, he goes to run his hands through to fix it.

"No," I say as I walk in the rest of the way and grab both of his wrists, pinning them against the wall and above his head.

We begin kissing again, the kiss becoming more electric than ever before. I stop kissing him after a minute and slowly begin moving down. My hands slide down his arms, squeezing his biceps.

I kiss his pecs as my lips pass them. I continue kissing each and every inch of his body as I move down. His eyes close as my mouth kisses his inner thigh.

"Oh..." Hiram moans as my mouth moves over to his balls.

I lick the side of his balls, my tongue reaches deeper down and to the underside of his balls. I take one ball into my mouth, just lightly sucking on it.

I take it in my mouth a little more, sucking on it harder.

"Shit!" Hiram moans loudly as I take both of his balls into my mouth.

I suck on them hard enough that most people would tap out, but Hiram is just smiling more and more. I dig my just lightly onto his balls, scrapping them as move out and let his balls go.

I then move up a little, his erect penis already having a bit of cum seeping from the tip. I move forward, ready to take it all in.

Ring ring! Ring ring!

The sound of an obnoxiously loud phone comes from Hiram's pants outside of the shower, shocking me and Hiram out of the moment.

"Shit!" Hiram shouts and rushes out of the shower, nearly knocking me to my ass.

I stand up and try not to laugh as I watch Hiram, naked and wet, searching through the pile of clothes for his phone.

He finally gets it and stands up, looking at himself in the mirror and taking a deep breath in.

"Hey, Miha!" His voice is different than when he talks to me. "Yes. Yes. I'll be there soon." He is nodding his head, running a hand through his hair. "I promised you I would be there.

And I will. I'll see you there. Love you Miha." He hangs up the phone and turns to me in the shower. "Turns out I have less time than I thought. Turn around." I'm confused and do what he says.

He just walks up from behind me, bends me over, and shoves his penis up my ass.

"Fuck!" I shout loudly.

"Don't worry. It won't be long." Hiram begins thrusting himself in and out of me.

It all feels very cold and painful as he continues. He doesn't say a word, doesn't look at me, doesn't even touch me.

He smacks the wall and I see him wince as he begins to cum into my ass just a minute later.

"Whoo!" He shouts before sliding out of me. "Amazing!" He runs both his hands through his hair.

That was very fast and painful. It was so different than before. It's like he flipped a switch on that phone call, became a different person than I've known this whole time.

"Can you get out please." He gives me a kiss. "Gotta shower and get out of here quickly." He doesn't even wait for me to get out of the shower completely before he grabs the shampoo.

I walk out of the bathroom, out of the room, and into the living room. I walk to the windows, looking out at the city. But I can't see the city. All I can see is my reflection.

I take a look at myself. Somehow I look different. I look happy, yet sad. I just continue to look at myself, wondering if this was all some kind of mistake.

A couple of minutes later Hiram walks out of the bedroom wearing a different suit and looking somehow even more impeccable. He walks into the kitchen and to the fridge.

He grabs the orange juice and opens it up, chugging half of it down. He then looks over to me, smiling.

"Sorry about that." He walks up to me. "I just really need to be going."

"Yeah... um, no problem..." He kisses me. "Do you think we can talk later?"

"Sure, but it may have to wait until tomorrow. What about?" He looks down at his phone.

"Just about us. This. We. And your wife. Your daughter."

"Yeah. Of course." He doesn't even look up from his phone.

He looks up quickly to give me another kiss before walking to the elevator. He gets in and leaves without a word or saying anything else.

I just sit down, butt naked, on the couch and put my face in my hands, wondering what I have just gotten myself into.

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