A Twisted Tale - Chapter 7
A Twisted Tale - Chapter 7 13 reasons why stories

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A Twisted Tale - Chapter 7

"Oh.... Fun!" Bryce is ecstatic with the toys he pulls out of the bag.

He places them on the bed before walking up to Alex and grabbing his arms. He gets him to his feet and begins walking him over to the bathroom.

While walking over he grabs one of the toys off the bed, the handcuffs, and walks into the bathroom.

"Get in," Bryce tells Alex but doesn't move. "Get in!" Bryce shouts, but Alex has had enough and turns around, swinging his arm.

Bryce catches Alex by the wrist, but Alex then swings with his other arm and scratches Bryce in the face. By reflex, Bryce smacks Alex in the head before Alex kicks Bryce in the shin.

Bryce falls to his knees, pushing Alex on his way down. Alex falls back into the tub, his head smacking the wall.

Bryce begins crawling to the tub, but Alex swings his legs, his feet smacking Bryce in the face over and over.

Eventually, Alex's heel smacks Bryce directly in the nose, Bryce's nose breaking and blood gushing out.

"Fuck!" Bryce is in major pain and is pissed off.

Bryce grabs one of Alex's legs and pulls his way up to his knees and over the tub. Bryce punches Alex in the gut multiple times until his feet stop kicking.

Bryce makes his way to his feet as quickly as he can, more blood rushing out of his nose the more he moves.

When he reaches his feet, Bryce feels light-headed, which gives Alex the time to kick Bryce right in the balls.

Bryce falls backward, his hands covering his crotch area and his head smacking the ground.

Bryce can feel his head throbbing before everything begins to get darker by the second and he goes completely unconscious.

"Wakey wakey!" Alex shouts and Bryce begins waking up, his heading throbbing and can feel an even bigger throbbing and stinging pain coming from his crotch.

Bryce looks around notices he's on the bed, both his arms and legs tied to the bed with zip ties.

"Where are the keys?" Alex yells as he digs through Bryce's bag, throwing all his toys to the floor.

Bryce tries responding but he just mumbles his words. Alex looks angry as he walks into the bathroom.

He looks out the bathroom window to see the dumpster that was there before is now empty, ruining any plan of jumping out that window.

Alex knows the only way to get out is through the front door, which means getting the keys, which Bryce has hidden somewhere.

Alex goes to the sink and fills up the trashcan full of water, walking out of the room and walking to the bed.

"Now tell me where the key is or I'll ruin you!" Alex shouts the loudest he can without his chest hurting.

When Bryce sees Alex's angry face and bruised chest, he gets turned on. Bryce licks his lips and smiles before Alex flips the trash can and pours water all over Bryce's head.

Bryce's hair loses all its volume and falls backward.

"Tell me!" Alex shouts but Bryce just continues smiling.

Alex grabs the strap on penis on the floor and jumps onto the bed. Alex digs his fingers into Bryce's hair and leans forward, his nose touching Bryce's.

"This is your last chance before I make you feel everything I feel," Alex whispers, but Bryce just continues smiling.

Alex sits up and begins to move the strap on towards Bryce's mouth. Bryce then snaps free both his hands. He launches upward and grabs both sides of Alex's head. Alex is too surprised to react.

Bryce rips the zip ties off his feet with one large pull before flipping Alex over and getting on top of him.

Bryce holds down Alex's arms and legs with his body, his head hovering over Alex' Bryce's wet hair falls forward, water dripping onto Alex's face.

Bryce then knees Alex right in the balls before getting off him. He grabs the strap on and shoves the plastic penis into Alex's mouth. Alex begins coughing as Bryce straps it around his head.

"Don't try to do what I do, only I can do that." Bryce gets off the bed and walks to the mirror.

Bryce looks at himself, shocked by how hot he still looks even though his nose is swollen and bleeding and one of his cheeks and an eye are both blacks.

He runs both his hands through his hair before turning around and facing the bed, watching Alex struggle in pain and coughing.

"Ready for the final event of the weekend sweaty?"

Bryce goes into his bag and grabs the camera he took from his dad's office. He puts the camera on the counter and points it to the bed before pressing the record button.

Bryce walks up to Alex and punches him in the gut before flipping him onto his stomach.

Bryce gets on the bed, grabbing the back of Alex's hair before shoving his penis into Alex with more aggression he's ever put into anything in his life.

Bryce begins thrusting rapidly, forgetting about all the pain he is feeling both his crotch area and everywhere else.

Every thrust closer to getting to the finish line makes the pain go away more by more.

Alex can't stop coughing as the plastic penis is scratching the back of his throat, his eyes watering.

Alex's penis hurts more and more as it dangles in the air, moving back and forth as Bryce thrusts in and out.

He struggles as he tries breathing through his nose slowly and not have a panic attack.

While looking forward, Alex stares at the wood of the bed, looking at every single grain to distract him from the pain making him which he was dead.

"I love you," Bryce whispers into Alex's ear just as he begins to cum. "I will always love you." Bryce licks Alex's cheek before sitting back up and finishing.

Bryce pushes Alex's body down to the bed and flips him onto his back. While over his body, Bryce grips Alex's balls tight and slides up his body onto they are eye to eye.

Alex is sobbing, but that only makes Bryce more excited, believing that it's because of the three words he just said.

"Aw... sweetie. I'll let you go in a few hours so you can go home and rest until school tomorrow." He kisses Alex on the forehead.

"God, you're hot!" He slides down Alex's body, kissing every single inch.

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