A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.1
A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.1 13 reasons why stories

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The twisted tale continues with special guests Monty and Tyler!!! (WARNING!! INCLUDES VIOLENCE & RAPE!! DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE!!)

A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.1

After the last time Bryce had fun with Alex, he realized he wasn't as satisfied as he previously was... he realized he needed a change. Bryce knew the perfect person to join him with Alex.

Bryce called this person and asked him to come and hang at his place. AN hour later Bryce answered his front door to see Monty standing there in a button-down and t-shirt and tight jeans.

"Hey buddy, come in." They walk to the kitchen, each grabbing a soda.

"So what do you wanna do?"

"Well, that's why you're the only one here."

"I was wondering that."

"You are the only person I can think that would enjoy what I enjoy doing and wouldn't tell anyone else."

"And that is..." Bryce grabs Monty's shirt, pulling him in, then kisses him on the lips before letting him go.

Monty does not take a step back or say anything but moves forward kisses Bryce back. He grabs the back of Bryce's head and sticks his tongue straight down Bryce's throat. Bryce pushes Monty away.

"Wait!" He takes a step back and runs a hand through his hair. "While I love the enthusiasm and that was amazing... this was only the first part of tonight's plans."

"Oh...more?" Monty runs a hand through his hair just to be more like Bryce.

Bryce spends the next hour telling Monty everything, in detail, he has done with Alex.

"Isn't that rape?" Monty asks but doesn't seem weird about it.

"I guess some could call it that... but I know that deep inside Alex wants it and he would say it out loud if he wasn't too scared too."


"It's good you think so. But I realize two of us on just Alex could get crowded, so I would like to invite you to join me and Alex along with another of your choice to join us."

"That would be amazing. Thanks!" Monty chugs his soda.

"Now this is just a trial. If this turns out great, we could do this until we graduate." Bryce takes a step closer to Monty.

"Now send a message to the person you want to join us and say you are a girl in a class of his that likes him. Tell him to meet you at the school in the locker room.

Alex will be there at six because he needs to 'remake gym days'." The two of them laugh.

Hours later...

Bryce and Monty are in the gym locker room, each wearing a nice suit that they wore from homecoming last year. They are standing in front of the mirror fixing their hair.

"What do you think? Too much gel?" Monty asks about his hair, spiked up at always.

"A little more."

"Thanks. I've never said this in front of the guys but I've always loved your hair."

"Thanks, yours isn't bad either." They turn around. "Now remember the rules. You get your guy, I get mine.

A little while in once we've beaten them both down enough that they won't run, we can mix and match. We'll also lock all the doors just in case."

"Sounds great... can't wait."

Another ten minutes and Alex is the first to arrive.

"Watch this," Bryce tells Monty.

"Bryce! What are you doing here?" Alex freaks out and turns around. Bryce runs over to Alex and grabs him by the collar of his jacket.

Bryce yanks him back until he falls to the ground. He stands on top of Alex and grabs his shirt, pulling him up to his feet before pushing him against a locker.

Bryce punches Alex in the stomach once with as much strength as he could. Alex goes down to his knees gasping for air.

"Come over here, Monty." Bryce waves him over.

Monty walks over, standing over Alex.

"Try it!" Bryce shouts while smiling.

Monty reaches down and pulls Alex to his feet.

"Please Monty!" Alex begins begging.

Monty looks over to Bryce. The two stare at each other for a minute, Bryce smiling intensely. Monty turns back to Alex.

"What's that look for?" Month punches Alex in the face then looks over to Bryce. "Like that?"

"Perfect. Now kiss him." Bryce grabs his hard penis through his pants.

Monty grabs the back of Alex's head and pulls it forward, kissing his lips. He continues kissing, tasting the little bit of blood on his lip.

Monty then let's go and lets Alex drop to the ground. The door behind them opens and Tyler walks in.

"What are you guys doing?" He rushes to Alex. "Alex you good?" Alex doesn't respond.

"Did you really think a girl would ask you out? And ask you to come to the guy's locker room?" Bryce locks the locker room door.

Bryce then grabs Tyler by his shirt, pulling his face right to his.

"What are you doing?" Tyler asks, completely afraid.

"I'm going to have fun with you." Monty punches Tyler in the stomach twice before throwing onto the ground by the wall.

"Nice!" Bryce says as he walks over to Alex. "Remember, your guy first then mix."

The two go to each of their guys.

Monty grabs Tyler once more, picking him up and pushing him onto the wall. He punches Tyler in the face once on the right and another on the left side.

He then grabs Tyler's belt and whips his belt off throwing it over the lockers. He unbuttons the pants with one hand and then lets them fall to the ground.

He then bends down and pulls Tyler's boxers down, his average-sized penis popping out.

He punches Tyler once more in the stomach, him coughing up blood before he pulls down and throws off his pants. He then grabs Tyler by the shoulders and turns him around.

At the same time, Bryce pulls Alex up and places him back down onto the bench. He goes on top of Alex and takes his jacket off, lying in on top of the lockers.

"Like the new company?" Bryce asks Alex and he nods before spitting blood to the ground.

Bryce pulls Alex's pants down to see his penis rock hard.

"What is this I see? Are you having fun here?" Bryce pulls down his own pants and boxers, sliding up Alex a bit.

Bryce grabs Alex's hard penis and slides it up his own butt. At first, it's a little hard because Alex's penis softens a little, but it hardens more as it stays in his butt.

Bryce is in pure pleasure as Alex's penis hardens in him. Bryce runs a hand through his hair before turning his head around to look at Monty.

"Hey, dude. You good?" He looks at Monty's hard penis touching the crack of Tyler's butt. "Just do it, dude.

There's no way you can get in trouble with it, Tyler obviously has always had a crush on you and wants this. Plus, you're with me and I can get away with anything."

"Thanks, dude." They both high five each other before turning back to their guys.

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