A Twisted Tale - Chapter 21
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Alex and Bryce Meet Up

A Twisted Tale - Chapter 21

"Wait! What? The Bryce? Like the Bryce who not only raped you but changed and became this amazing guy who eventually was sent away?" Becca takes a sip of her drink.

"Yeah. I guess that's one way to put it."

"And how'd he look?" She moves in closer, smiling.

"This drink isn't strong enough." He chugs down the rest of his drink.

"That good?"

"Even better."

"You staying over tonight?" Becca walks to the kitchen and pours herself some more margarita.

"Sure. Better than seeing the roommate."

"Oh, that's quite the low bar you've set."

"You know I love you." Alex joins her in the kitchen.

"So... musical movie marathon... or we could search Bryce up and see what he's been up to?"

"Musicals. Definitely musicals."

"You realize that wasn't a real choice... right?" Becca walks back into the living room and grabs her laptop. "What's his last name?"


Alex hasn't looked up Bryce in a while. He used to do it almost daily. Then it turned into a once-a-week thing. Then once a month. Then he just stopped. It's been years since he's looked him up.

"Okay... so there are a fair amount of Bryce Walkers in the New York area."

"Lemme see." Alex jumps onto the couch. "Him." He's the second guy on the list.

"Oh wow." Becca starts looking through his recent posts. "So it looks like he's the new partner at a large law firm. He's been a lawyer for a few years now."


"He seems to be quite the busy guy. A lot of work parties, fundraisers, and trips to the Hamptons with...oh..."

"What?" Alex looks over.

"His fiance." She looks to Alex, who just stares at the photo of Bryce with his fiance. "Looks like he proposed eight months ago."

"When's the wedding?"

"No date." Alex grabs the laptop and starts scrolling further down. "Maybe we should just watch a movie. I could go for some Mamma Mia."

"In a minute."

Alex continues scrolling. He sees photos of Bryce at the beach. Posts about galas for animal relief. There are photos from trips to the Bahamas, Italy, and all sorts of fancy locations.

Most of which have tons of girls in them.

"Is everything alright?"

"He's happy."


"He's really happy."

"And so are you."

"Yeah..." Alex hands Becca the laptop and stands up.

"You wanna talk about it? Drink about it?" Alex just stays silent, looking out the window to the city. "Alex?"

"I'll be back." Alex just grabs his phone and walks out the front door.

Alex walks downstairs and out into the loud city. It's a lot. All the noises. All the people. It hits him hard. But his mind still focuses on one thing... Bryce.

He goes into his pocket and takes out the card Bryce gave him. He taps the numbers in. Then he stands there. He thinks about all the possible ways this could go.

He thinks about Bryce rejecting him. He thinks about the possibility of being the side piece. None of that sounds good to him.

So he puts his phone away and starts walking. He walks and walks and walks. Until he finds himself at a small and empty park. He finds a bench and just sits.

He tilts his head back and looks up at the stars.

Then, he just does it. He takes his phone out and dials Bryce's number. It rings and Alex' heart starts racing.

"Hello. This is Bryce Walker." Alex's heart stops. "Hello?"




"It's good to hear from you."

"I'm at the Herbert Von King Park. If you wanna talk, I'll be here for another 30 minutes." Then he just hangs up.

He stands up and starts walking around. He walks around the park over and over.

"Alex." He turns around and sees Bryce wearing a very nice suit.

"That was fast." He begins panicking.

"I was finishing a dinner meeting down the street."


"You look good."

"Yeah...um... so do you." Alex thinks he looks the best he's ever looked.

"Should we sit?" Alex just nods and they sit on a bench, just about a foot away from each other.

"So..." Alex has no idea where to start.

"I had no idea you lived here. How long have you been here?"

"About three years now. Came here after graduation. Moved in with a friend I went to school with."

"That's nice." They both feel uncomfortable. "I've been here almost two weeks now."

"With... um..."

"Charlotte. She's my fiance."



"She seems really nice."

"She is." Bryce's phone vibrates and he looks at it for a second before putting it away. "So that place you work at. It's really cute."

"Yeah. I love it there."

"That's good."

"What do you do?"

"I'm a lawyer. Just became a partner actually."

"Congrats. Exactly what your dad wanted for you." Bryce doesn't respond to that. "Can we just cut the bullshit?" Bryce just sits in silence.

"Honestly, I know this may sound harsh, but I am so disappointed in you." Alex stands up and feels himself getting nervous.

"Alex..." Bryce stands up with him.

"No. I need to say this. I loved you. I really did. Part of me even still does. I probably always will. But you choose your family over me. You choose them over choosing to live your own life.

At first, I understood it, but at this point... why? I honestly thought when I saw you again you may be out and married to some rich and handsome guy. That would've hurt less.

Knowing you were genuinely happy. But watching you pretend to be someone else. All these years later and you're still doing what your father wants. It's just sad.

" Suddenly Alex relaxes and slightly regrets just saying all that.

"Are you done?" Bryce's face hasn't reacted to any of that.

"I guess."

"Fuck you."


"Fuck you. Fuck you for saying I'm not happy. For saying that I'm pretending to be someone else. Fuck you! I choose this life. I'm a grown-ass adult. I am with a woman I genuinely love.

Just because you aren't happy doesn't mean everyone else isn't either."

"Bryce..." Alex already feels bad and follows Bryce as he begins walking off.

"No." Bryce turns around as Alex grabs his arm. "I was hoping to meet with you and move on. I was hoping to have a conversation that would help each of us move on.

But I guess you're not mature enough."

"Fuck you! I'm not mature?" Now Alex is getting angry.

"Yeah?" Bryce steps up to Alex.

"Fuck you..." Alex's body gets confused as Bryce's mouth is just inches away.

"Fu..." Before Bryce can finish, Alex steps forward.

Their lips connect. They both feel instant electricity. They're both sent back to high school. They both remember the first time they had sex together.

They remember the first day they ever saw each other. Their first kiss. Their first fight. Everything hits them like punches in the gut.

"Fuck..." Bryce finishes his thought as Alex steps back.

"It's been good seeing you," Alex says in a monotone voice before walking away.

"Alex!" He turns around and their eyes meet. "I'll always love you too." Both of them get tears in their eyes before walking in separate directions.

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