A Twisted Tale - Chapter 13
A Twisted Tale - Chapter 13 13 reasons why stories

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Bryce comes home for Winter Vacation and things don't go as planned for his and Alex vacation plans, at least not at first.

A Twisted Tale - Chapter 13


Bryce: b there in 5

Alex: Can't wait ;)

Alex paces around his room, waiting and waiting. He keeps going back and forth until he hears a knock on his window. He turns to see Bryce standing outside his window.

He runs over and slides it open.

"Hey," Bryce says before quietly sliding through the window.

"Hey." Alex pushes Bryce against the wall and they begin kissing. "I can't believe it's been a whole week."

"Yeah, school sucks." They sit down next to each other on Alex's bed.

"Yeah, I wish I still went there. We could be seeing each other every day."

"Multiple times a day," Bryce adds on. "But now it's winter vacation and we're together, that's all that matters."

"We'll be able to see each other every day for an entire month." Alex jumps up, happier than ever.

"Well... actually..." Bryce looks up at Alex, making eye contact.

"What?" Alex sits down next to him.

"My parents called yesterday and gave me an early Christmas present..." Bryce grabs Alex's hands. "They're taking me on a month-long trip to my favorite place on earth, Vail."

"Oh... wow..."

"You sound so thrilled."

"I'm happy for you... but I am a little bummed to not see you for a whole month. At least while you were in school we saw each other every weekend." Bryce grabs Alex by the face and kisses him.

"I'm so sorry. But I'm not leaving for three days, so let's just try to enjoy them."


Alex and Bryce spent the next four hours spooning and not speaking at all. Once Alex fell asleep Bryce slid away from Alex and off the bed. As Bryce puts his shoes on, an idea hits him.

He quickly and quietly slides out the window and to his car, speeding home.


Bryce didn't go to sleep that night. He searched online, made calls, and snooped through his parent's office. Around noon Bryce called Alex and told him to meet at the railroad tracks.

"Hey!" Bryce is thrilled as Alex arrives.

"What's going on? Why did we meet here?" They kiss.

"I've got great news!" Bryce grabs Alex's hands.


"You're coming to Vail with me."


"My parent's anniversary is next week and I convinced them to go to Europe by themselves. They felt guilty about leaving me alone in Vail, so they said I could bring a friend. You.

" Bryce kisses Alex.

"What? Are you sure? Aren't you going to miss your parents?"

"Are you kidding me! If they came on that trip they would've spent the whole time working. Now they'll just be working in Europe together and leaving us alone.

Plus, they'll be coming on Christmas Eve."

"Oh wow..."

"So... will you?"

"Of course!"

The two begin kissing. Bryce shoves one of his hands right down Alex's pants and grabs his penis.

"Wait..." Alex moans as his penis hardens. "We should get in the car."

"No one's here." Bryce smiles as he begins jerking off Alex. "Just think about four weeks together. You. Me. A comfortable bed. A hot tub. A pool. Slopes. And so much more."

"Oh yeah..." Alex moans again.

"And we won't have to sneak around. We can walk around town being ourselves... being... a couple?"

"Oh!" Just then Alex explodes in his pants, a giant wet spot growing around his crotch spot on his pants.

"So?" Alex looks at Bryce, unable to speak.

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