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gayemotbhdepressed and well dressed. gf of astro
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a story with an environmentalist message based on the concept of reincarnation


a night sky is littered with stars as i gaze upon their brilliance, my mind deep in thought with each life i count on in the blackness

soft are my thoughts, yet stinging as a blade. i've seen this sky before under a different moon, on a different grass

it's familiar but not. i know what lies beyond there but the memory is lost, replaced only with the mundane as my eyes close to focus

my eyes open again, and i am new and the same. my skin is different, new protrusions on my head, a queen amongst men and the man i love behind me

stolen from me was this idea, this vision, by false gods and tyrants. i am reborn in flesh and blood and poison on a different world, the one of which i sit now

i'm not the only one i realize, as i have found communities like myself. those who remember who they were before this life, who know of the things before and the stolen memories, my lover the first i have ever known

religion speaks of it under many tongues, their kin of the belief of death and rebirth, but the soul is the same

i am an old soul, i have seen civilizations fall and fought horrors of lovecraftian tales, and now i grow up for the millionth time as a potential inspiration of change in a bleak place

amongst these friends i toil and speak of times past and reshaped in the present, sharing memories of what i was before

we are few in this world, who are open with what we used to be. crazy is the label we are given, but we know better

many worlds beyond ours exist, and i have seen much of them. some have lived, some have fallen prey to horror and tyranny, all are beyond the minds of a human individual

this is one of the beautiful worlds. let's make sure we protect it from tyranny and horror, yes?

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