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a poem of thoughts on the recent shooting in las vegas, and what it means in terms of political fallout

brass blood

energetic was their atmosphere, music of acoustic guitars and southern drawl blaring loud to the night to a crowd of many

thousands enjoying themselves, their breaths hot amongst each other. they paid to come here, to see these men on their stages playing their music

a new noise enters the scene, and some think it firecrackers. fireworks. an effect of the show.

then the first pint of blood spills on the concrete as feet run, shots ringing into the night, golden and brass shells striking the concrete and the flesh

the screaming grows to drown the music but not the shells, 32nd floors their height as they unleash lead rain upon the masses

the first death is not the last.

59 will die, 527 will feel pain in their hospital beds that night. the worst shooting american history has ever seen

we've seen it all before. the dead are mourned after they are gunned down, the politicians toil among themselves and among the news channels they spout towards, promising hollow action

a nation mourns yet again for the brass blood, shells and liquid intertwining to form the stripes on a decrepit flag

guns cannot stop this, but man can stop the guns. stop the gun, stop the shooting, cause and effect in the most basic and pristine of forms.

australia did it.

england did it.

why can't we?

consider this the next time you advocate for your god-given right to own an assault rifle.

consider what your right's existence may mean for others.

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