Why do you do these things to me?
Why do you do these things to me? dating-horror-stories stories

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Have you ever loved someone who dosent feel the same? Have you known how they felt but still loved them anyway? Well... I have

Why do you do these things to me?

A long time ago, I loved you. Not as long ago, I realized that you did not feel the same. I tried to get over you. To forget the way you make me feel.

but whenever I am near you, whenever I hear your name... I fall for you all over again. The worst part of falling is that I always hit the ground.

and yet somehow, despite the pain, I always end up falling for you again and again. Every time I'm near you my heart sours and I feel like I could fly, but those wings are just a lie.

In an instant, they turn into paper and I fall out of the sky, so my dear, please tell me why. why do I keep trying to fly when I know I'm going to fall.

Why do I love you even though you don't care at all? Why, why does it still hurt, why do I still want you, why does it feel like I would die without you?

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