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gay_rat Help to spread the lgbt pleag
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What happens when you lisen to the vouces in your head


Only you can hear them, shouting, laughing, crying, screaming, begging for mercy that will never be given. Drowning out your hope your love and soon enough your life.

Putting death in your head and blood on your hands. Clouding up your thoughts driving you insane.

They are too powerful you can't stop them you are lost, outnumbered, scared and weak you have limited CHOICES you know what you must do, you tie the knot.

"whispers" you hang the rope "giggles" you stand on the chare and slide your head through the hole "laughter" you throw your legs back "BANG" "CHEERING".

The voices are louder than they ever been, fire surrounds you, it is all you see all you feel but not all you hear,

what you hear is laughter and mockery mixed with your cries as you beg for mercy.

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