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Thoughts don't connect and misdirect leave you to question your intellect

Wavelength by Gavin

Thoughts don't connect and misdirect

Leave you to question your intellect

Step aside realize the downsides of your own mind

The simplest answers are often the best

It's not a test or a competition with the rest

It's not attention or admiration

Its a light dancing for itself

In and out

Things come and go

The words always changing

Another show

Lost in thought

And another thought lost

Have you hit rock bottom?

Have burned the only bridge to cross?

Dead men walking

That's all we are

A momentary instance

That's not a moment at all

Life's what we make it

Yet life is what makes us

Waiting for the puch line

When it comes it ain't much

You are what you are and you're not what your not

All things are all things and all things are not

It's one me and one you

Can't you see that there's only one thing we can do?

Life is an illusion we break through

Into this sweet nothing that is and isn't

To a love that never started and never ended yet is all that is

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