The valley
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In the valley the sun is always shined. People loved and were loved, everyone had a purpose, and all was well. The happiest of all residents was Ava, a beautiful young woman who had the world on a string.

The valley

In the valley the sun always shined. People loved and were loved, everyone had a purpose, and all was well.

The happiest of all residents was Ava, a beautiful young woman who had the world on a string.

Ava loved her home, She had a nice husband and nice kids, she had a nice car that she loved to drive. Especially in front of her neighbors who all had last year's model.

Ava worked hard in her life and she knew she deserved what she had.

Ava was driving home one day when she noticed something peculiar. Three trees in the beautiful park seemed to repeat over and over again.

Strangely, it was on the same route home she had always taken and she was certain that those trees were different before.

After some time she exited the beautiful park and headed onto the next legg of her commute, the beautiful bridge. As she crossed it she recalled the path she took home every day.

Out of the beautiful city and through the beautiful park, over the beautiful bridge, and into her beautiful neighborhood.

Today however, things didn't transpire the way they did typically.

After she exited the bridge she began to think about her husband, how he ravaged her the night before, the way he made her scream, she fealt a tingling sensation.

Ava was brought back to reality when she realized she was in the park again, 'how strange' she thought.'Maybe I had just had to many glasses of wine from the fridge in my office before I left'.

Then, the same three trees began to repeat again and again. Ava began to panic, 'what is happening?' she thought. 'Did I take to many of the pills I bought from the maid?'.

She drove for what seemed like 15-20 miles before the fear really began to set in. 'The pills, it must be the pills, the pills, the pills!' ran through her mind over and over as she passed those three trees again and again.

Disturbed and confused the woman pulled over and got out of the car.

'I have to get them out' she said to herself shoving her hand down her throat in an attempt to induce vomit.

She puked and puked, when there was nothing left, she shoved her fingers down even further. She had to know they were out and the only way to be certain would be to feel around in her own stomach.

As she gagged and shoved the world began to change around her. The car that was once there was now gone. So were the trees, the road.

All she could see was flashing colors, flickering light, and abstract patterns. All seemingly composed of her nice husbands nice penis. All the meanwhile she forced her fingers down her throat.

Aventually she reached her stomach and found something you would not expect. It was rectangular and fealt like metal. Ava pulled as hard as she could aventually her body produced a box.

It was small and black, it appeared to have a lid, she lifted it revealing a shiny red button hidden inside.

Out of desperation Ava pushed the button, hoping it would return the world to normal, everything just went black.

It was quiet and almost seemed like there was nothing but her, a hole universe explicitly occupied by Ava. Then out of nowhere the words 'system shut down' appeared.

She awoke later in a tank unable to move, around her were transparent glass walls, containing the water she was suspended in.

Through them she could see two figures, neither appearing to be human. They spoke a different language that for somereason unknown to her she could understand. They spoke to each other as if she couldn't hear.

The creatures said she had awoken countless times before, though Ava had no recollection. One creature exclaimed that system had been working too hard for too long and needed to re-boot its sex drive. All routine operation at life incorporated.

The creatures made a gargling that she believed to be a laugh, one pressed a button and she fealt a shock.

Ava awoke at her house in the valley with no knowledge of what happened.

To her beautiful house in her beautiful town, with her nice husband's nice penis, and a nice car that was newer than everyone else's.

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