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First kiss.

A full experience lol

The first kiss.

The first kiss is always said to be an experience.

Many think of many things when they hear “first kiss” .

Many have already gotten their first kissed, or are still waiting for their first kiss.

When we are still expecting our first kiss, we tend to think about it from time to time.

Some people dont worry or think too much about it.

Others worry too much, and begin to overthink.

The majority that haven’t had their kiss and those who did have their first kiss. Will always have asked themselves these following questions.

Will my kiss be on our first date? Who should i give my first kiss too?? Should i just kiss a stranger? Maybe i should practice how to kiss? What if my breath smells?

First kisses have high expectations.

They are expected as amazing, and passionate.

They’re portrayed as “flawless” and with an amazing scenery.

The truth about first kisses is that it resembles death.

In the way, that it could happen at any given moment.

Maybe through an argument, the other person grabs you by the collar and kisses you.

Or perhaps one of your friends accidentally kiss you while they drink a little too much silly juice.

Maybe your first kiss will be by some acquaintance that confessed to you behind the school building.

Or through a game of spin the bottle at a sleepover.

Perhaps a dare.

Or you actually found someone to kiss underneath the mistletoe.

Or maybe you’re extremely lucky that your kiss was pre planned, and so was your date.

What makes The experience of a first kiss unique, isn’t the scenery or the time.

It’s how you feel that makes it special.

It can be something you can think about that’ll make you smile.

Or perhaps laugh.

Even cringe at how bad of a kisser you were.

The memory of your first kiss will always be imprinted in you.

Unlessss you literally forgot. LOL.

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