Suicidal thoughts
Suicidal thoughts poem stories

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so I felt strong emotions during my english class oneday and wrote this poem about what I experiances so I hope I dont get banned for this

Suicidal thoughts

Sitting down during class

Listening to the teacher

Suddenly images flow thru my

Head me standing there with a knife in a locked room

My mom trying to get in

And yelling I put the knife

To my throat then the image

Disappeared I hold back my tears

It happens again still holding back

My tears almost crying it happens

Agen my eyes start watering

An image comes thru my head

It is my parents bursting down my door

And seeing my body

Lying there lifeless I almost

Crush my pencil trying not to cry

I wipe the tears from my face

I hide in my mask no one notices me

I'm glad and sad because of that I can

Barely hold back my tears why is it only me

I'm just waiting for someone to notice my pain

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