The One Perfect
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I always wanted to be happy, wanted a beautiful life.

The One Perfect

I always wanted to be happy,

wanted a beautiful life.

They said work hard, build a career,

and it was all but a lie.

I was broken, I was used,

and damaged emotionally.

I thought that is what I am destined for,

but I did not grasp life fully.

I did what everyone said,

I cried feeling all alone.

Perhaps, I was waiting for the one perfect,

about whom I was still unknown.

You came into my life one day,

a normal day it was.

Never knew the magic had begun,

and my life was about to change breaking all walls.

We talked, we met, we laughed, and dreamt,

we grew fond of each other.

I felt the magic brewing,

but oh did I know you were my lover.

The feelings deepened and turned serious,

rendering our hearts delirious.

You are my purpose, you are my goal,

you are my love, and my soul.

I want to marry you and have kids,

and be with you until I close eyelids.

Take my hand in yours, and

make me yours,

I promise to give my everything to you,

my heart, my soul, my life, my goals.

There is nothing in this world without you,

everything so lifeless, everything so blue.

Come with me to create our world,

full of love, full of happiness.

I will never let you be sad,

I will take all you tears and drink them with glad.

Just stay mine always and be everyday,

"our parents are soul mates", our kids will tell one day.

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