Sick /Pre./ Unfortunate
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we are all poor unfortunate souls.

Sick /Pre./ Unfortunate

The one thing that we fear the most, is loneliness.

All teenagers wanted the same thing.

Some wanted alcohol, others pleaded for a cigarette, still others hoped for a group of friends who can always manage to get you a secret stash of weed outside of school.

Finally, the desperate ones had their fingers crossed for sex.

To be honest, we are all desperate.

Or more, I'm desperate.

It's common for a sixteen year old to get their hopes up for a dumb thing, such as true love.

At this point our souls are the closest to the devil.

We all are staggering at a stage where we are still trying really hard to find out who we are.

And we should be disappointed by the results.

Friendships shall be broken. Souls are likely to be torn. Dreams will be shattered.

Mark my words, we are all poor unfortunate souls.

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