The start of school
The start of school blackpink stories

ganyu_loveu ~The 2nd secretary to the Liyue Qixing~
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The diamond race ep1 the school

The start of school

They look so beautiful

Let us introduce you To each one

Jisoo: The oldest in our class And the smartest in Our class

Jennie: The punk girl In the school Jisoo bff

Lisa: The youngest in Our class And the dumbest One

I think we missing one Classmate he from Australian

You are in a special school A agent school

You were moving out of your city to study

When something happened

Your mother and father were Dead by a fire

It you're last times to see your parents alive

You remenber them everyday

You got a little brother Her name si Suga

It is take to you to find your journey

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