the diamond race Magic shop
the diamond race
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ganyu_loveu ~The 2nd secretary to the Liyue Qixing~
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diamond race magic shop

the diamond race Magic shop

well i thought my life will fall apart first jisoo got into a accident now i knew jennie was my classmate since

i saw something a shop that is full of magic

i saw something a shop that is full of magic maybe someone can help me

the owner ask me 5 questions before i take my memory off

well i got all right so they started the process

i got to stay for 3 hours until....

i started feeling something bad like bullet hit my heart

my vision fade to black and white

and then....

and then.... the blackpink member were here staring at you feeling something like you made a mistake

until one of the member walk to you and said "you're welcome to join our team" her eye started bleeding it was jisoo here mouth was Stitch

the other point there gun at you and jisoo grab your hand and put you down in the floor he said "you thought you can not make a mistake well here one thing" a gunshot fire and your sight when darkness you couldn't see anything

to be continued....

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