The Diamond Race chapter 16 it starting?
The Diamond Race
chapter 16 it starting? blackpink stories
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ganyu_loveu ~The 2nd secretary to the Liyue Qixing~
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back again 5 days later i have to keep it short because my 3rd test is in Thursday so show me some love

The Diamond Race chapter 16 it starting?

we quickly when to the bank where blackpink went

i was wondering if there is a reason too do this

when we came they escape very quickly realised that something is missing we chase down them

i want to get them and kill them but it was too late a bell rang and it mean the purge is starting now

we got into a dead end the street is full of people who are gonna kill you

we have 2 choice too choose from

one we have too find a way or a road to the bunker

or two go to the street to go to the bunker

we have no choice but going to the street our agent got so tired that they can not walk anymore

we when in we can come back

gun was fired up and all around

and it shoot everyone even me

i fainted and can't remember what happen

maybe i will remember something

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